Opistobranquios de Mexico
A. Hermosillo, D.W. Behrens & E.R. Jara

Published 2006
Conabio, Universidad de Guadalajara
Guadalajara, Mexico
ISBN 970-27-0868-0
143 pages
Price: approx $US 22

This is definitely the year for the sea slugs of tropical America, with Caribbean Sea Slugs just being published to join Eastern Pacific Nudibranchs, which covers the fauna from Alaska down to central America, and the Field Guide to the Sea Slugs of the tropical eastern Pacific which covers the fauna south from Guatemala.

The two earlier eastern Pacific books give us an idea of the fauna covered in this book, as do the many scientific papers which have been published on the fauna of the Gulf of California and Baja California, but at last we have a book which gives us a view of the fauna as a whole, and shows it to be an interesting mixture of endemics, species with a wide distribution up the west coast of Nth America, and species with a wide distribution in the Indo-West Pacific.

There are 234 species covered in the book, and in many cases there are two or more photos to illustrate aspects of natural history or colour variation. There are introductory sections on general biology and taxonomy which should be a valuable aid to students and interested amateurs.  Opistobranquios de Mexico is in Spanish, which should prove no real impediment to English speakers, but will be invaluable to the people of Mexico. One of the best ways  to learn more about the biology and natural history of these animals is to encourage local students and biologists to study their local fauna. There is no better way to ensure this happens than to provide them with a book such as this in their own language. Thank you  Ali, Dave and Eduardo for this Guía de babosas marinas

Authorship details
Rudman, W.B., 2006 (August 30) Opistobranquios de Mexico. A. Hermosillo, D.W. Behrens & E.R. Jara. [In] Sea Slug Forum. Australian Museum, Sydney. Available from http://www.seaslugforum.net/factsheet/brhermosillo2006