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Edward Dixon

33 Club Street
04-25 Emerald Garden
Singapore 069415

Phone (m): +65 9664 4102

Avid diver and photographer, diving since 1990 and photographing since mid-70s. U/W macro photography is my passion, nudibranches are my favorite subject. Nikon D70, Ikelite housing and dual substrobes, prefer 60MM macro lens.

Above water, I'm managing director of a PR firm in Singapore, responsible for southeast Asia. Travel regularly for work and play, and have been focusing on Indonesia diving for the last year-plus.

Last modified: 30-Apr-2007

Leif Abrell

Department of Chemistry
Columbia University
Havemeyer Hall MC 3146
3000 Broadway
New York, NY 10027

Phone (w): 212 854 5356
Fax: 212 932 8273

I am a bioorganic natural products chemist doing post doctoral work in the Chemistry Dept. at Columbia University in NYC. I am interested in marine invertebrate natural products, including the chemistry of opisthobranchs.

Last modified: 12-Jan-2006

Mary Jane Adams



I began diving in 1975 and immediately became addicted. Underwater photography soon became an important part of my diving and I now have a large collection of marine life images. I enjoy studying the scientific aspects of the fish and invertebrates in my photo collection. I go on 3-4 liveaboard dive trips a year to various locations in the the tropical Indo-Pacific. In 1999 I retired from my anesthesiology practice and now have more time for diving and photographing nudibranchs and other beautiful marine creatures

In 2001 I received the appointment of Museum Associate in Malacology at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles where I work under the direction of Dr. Angel Valdes.

Last modified: 15-Jul-2005

Peter Ajtai


I am currently in Costa Rica working with the University of Costa Rica, but I'm moving back to San Diego, California in July.



Phone (m): +66 (0) 89 86 70 424

Dive Instructor
working around Phuket since 8 years
big Photo collection from critters, esp. Nudibranch
"Nudi Fanatic"

Last modified: 24-Apr-2007

Ampou, E.E.

IMRO (Institute for Marine Research and Observation) - SEACORM (Southeast Asia Center for Ocean Research and Monitoring)
Br. Dangin Berawah, Perancak, Negara Kab. Jembrana - Bali. Indonesia

Phone (h): +62 365 44291
Phone (w): +62 365 44268
Phone (m): +6281340770560
Fax: +62 365 44278

Full Name : Eghbert Elvan Ampou
* Engineer: Faculty of Fisheries & Marine Science, University of Sam Ratulangi Manado, North Sulawesi. April 8th 2000
* Master of Science: Master in Knowledge and Management of the
Biodivercity of Indonesian Coral Reefs, Politechnical University of The Marche -Ancona, Italy, September 27th 2005

Research Activities:
1. Contented and Kind of Pigment to the Red Algae Halymenia durvillaei - Bory de Saint Vincent, 2000 (Main Researcher)
2. Phaeophyceae (Brown Algae) Pigment, 1998
3. Similarity Distribution of Nudibranch (Chromodorididae, Phyllididae, Facelinidae) in Siladen Island North Sulawesi - Indonesia, 2005 (Main Researcher)
4. Telaah Hukum-Hukum fisika Pada Aktifitas Penyelaman / Physics Law in Diving Activity (SCUBA DIVING), 2005
5. Seagrass Species Richness at Bunaken Island (Papa Boa) North Sulawesi - Indonesia, 2006

Last modified: 29-Oct-2007

Jim Anderson

Baird Hall,
High Street
West Lothian EH49 7ES


I am a keen diver and underwater photographer on weekends and holidays and an architect during the week. I developed a keen interest in nudibranchs and other slugs following my introduction to diving in 1987. I dive all the year round and have two websites:
Scottish Nudibranchs.
Sulawesi Sea Slugs

Last modified: 02-Aug-2005

Orso Angulo

Ligui 3
Col. Los Olivos
La Paz, B.C.S

Phone (h): +(612)12-50952
Phone (m): 044-612-1319298

I been working with the taxonomy and ecology of opisthobranch molluks around the La Paz area, recently I begun to study the pelagic opisthobranchs (thecosmata and gymnosomata) from the Gulf of California, this new interest is related to my Phd work that i'm currently working.

Last modified: 04-Dec-2006

Nils Anthes

Dep. of Evolutionary Biology
University Muenster


I am a PhD student in Evolutionary Biology. My main interest is in mating conflicts in hermaphrodites, using hermaphroditic sea slugs as a model system.

Kathleen Archer

Department of Biology
Trinity College
Hartford, CT 06106


I am a plant cell biologist who has studied the chloroplasts of higher plants for many years. I've become very interested in the sacoglossans which retain algal chloroplasts, and am planning some research projects to examine how the slugs cooperate to provide the chloroplasts with the environment they need. I'm also planning to examine some of the algal species used by such slugs, to see if I can learn anything about what makes them so robust. Genera of interest include Vaucheria, Codium, Bryopsis, and Caulerpa. I am interested in talking with anyone who has first hand experience keeping sacoglossan species (especially Elysia spp.) in captivity, and with anyone who grows Vaucheria, Codium, Bryopsis or Caulerpa in their aquarium.

Néstor E. Ardila E.

Laboratorio de Biología Molecular Marina (J-309), ext. 3194
Departamento de Ciencias Biologicas
Universidad de Los Andes

Phone (h): 57-1-3406660
Phone (w): 57-1-3394949, ext. 3194

I am Marine Biologist from Colombia, and I've been working the last seven years with mollusks from the upper slope and continental shelf from the Caribbean Colombian with emphasis in the analysis of biodiversity and biogeography of epifaunal mollusks associations and in the taxonomy of some gastropods collected in this expeditions, specially with nudibranchs of the genus Armina and deep-sea limpets (Cocculiniformia).

Nowadays, I am working in a checklist of Opistobranchs from Colombia and a systematic revision of the genus Armina in America (Western Atlantic and Eastern Pacific).

Last modified: 13-Mar-2006

Ross and Diane Armstrong

60 Motel Road
R D 3
Whangarei 0121
New Zealand

Phone (h): 0064-9434-3290

We are keen underwater photographers based at Tutukaka in New Zealand. Diving and photography has led to an interest in the inhabitants of the marine environment and vice-versa. Our favourite dive site are the Poor Knights Islands.

Leanne & David Atkinson

P.O. BOX 28

Phone (h): 02 49902971
Phone (w): 02 49905955

We have both been diving for over 20 years and are keen amatuer underwater photographers. We enjoy learning about the creatures we see. Nudibranchs are a particular favourite and we greatly appreciate the knowledge that is shared on the Seaslug Forum. We hope our photos and interested amatuer's observations of nudibranch behaviour can help build knowledge. Thankyou Bill Rudman for the time that you put into this project.

Our local diving is in Port Stephens NSW Australia. We travel overseas and around Australia to dive when time and money allow.

Last modified: 03-Aug-2005

Wendy Atkinson

5755 NE 56th St
Seattle, WA 98105,

Phone (h): 1-206-801-2963
Phone (m): 1-206-769-1443

I am a physician, living in Seattle, working only part-time in order to be able to join my friends traveling to magnificent dive sites around the world. I made the switch to digital about 2 years ago shooting an Ikelite housed Fuji S2 with Ikelite strobes. I think this website represents the best that the internet has to offer bringing together people from different areas of the globe with images of their underwater passion to discuss and share their thoughts.
Wendy Atkinson

Last modified: 01-Feb-2007

Mark Atwell

Email: mark dot atwell at-or-near gmail dot com

Using a Nikon D200 with Fantasea housed SB800.

Mainly interested in macro. So I use the 60mm and 105mm macro lenses.

Last trip (as of June '07), Lembeh Straits (Lembeh Resort) and Minahasa/Bunaken - April '07 where we met Ed Dixon - also a participant.

Last modified: 16-Jun-2007

Orhan Aytur

Bilkent University
Dept. of Electrical Engineering
Ankara, Turkey

Phone (w): +90-312-290-2095

Adrian Baddeley

School of Mathematics and Statistics
University of Western Australia
Nedlands WA 6009

Phone (h): 08 6488 3375
Phone (m): 0410 447 821
Fax: 08 6488 1028

Professor of Statistics at the University of Western Australia.

Amateur underwater photographer.

Last modified: 17-Jan-2006

Krystian Bala

ul. Solskiego 20
59-225 Chojnow


I'm a freelance writer originally from Poland, with one controversial novel "AMOK" published in 2003 and the second one upcoming.
Passionate above and underwater photographer, with publications in international diving magazines and online at Also a freelance contributor to Polish Scuba Diving Magazine "Nurkowanie" where I write about "underwater critters".
I have been "on the road" for the last few years. I'm also a scuba diving instructor and passionate UW photographer frequently diving throughout Asia (Philippines, Palau, Indonesia, South Korea, Thailand). I have been working on a book about "diving with little strangers".

Last modified: 14-Jan-2006

Manuel Ballesteros

Dept. Biologia Animal
Fac. Biologia
Univ Barcelona
Avda. Diagonal, 645
08028 Barcelona, Spain

Phone (h): +34-93-6331578
Phone (w): +34-93-4021435
Phone (m): 699473634
Fax: +34-93-4035740

Working on opisthobranchs from western Mediterranean

Last modified: 31-Aug-2005

Ian Banks

PO Box 2057
Surfers Paradise
QLD 4217

Phone (m): 0415 666 457

Commenced scuba diving in 1971, heavily influenced by my biology teacher Ted Bramblby, who is still educating anyone willing to listen. In 1972 my first camera a NikonosII started the ball rolling for my photographic passion under the sea, although now I'm more into video.
Currently involved in, hopefully, preventing a Shipping Terminal being constructed on the best dive site in any Australian city - the Gold Coast Seaway.

Last modified: 17-May-2006

Dani Barchana

62 Kibbutz Galuyot st.
Herzliya 46247

Phone (h): +972-9-9556124
Phone (m): +972-50-8277-228

Dr. Dan Barchana, DVM
Consultant for "The Dolphin Reef, Eilat" and "Ramot, Tel Aviv University".
Diving both Mediterranean and Red Sea but prefers the Mediterranean.

Last modified: 28-May-2007

Jim Bartlett


I'm a PADI IDC Staff Instructor located in Denver Colorado (USA), and enjoy underwater photography, especially getting macro shots -- including Nudibranchs. By day I run a management consulting company in the US, but that's just how I finance my real passion, diving and shooting photos U/W.

Anna L. Bass

Department of Biology, SCA 110
University of South Florida
4202 East Fowler Avenue
Tampa, Florida 33620


I'm interested in the sacoglossan opisthobranchs, in particular their taxonomy and evolutionary relationships.

Clinton Bauder

10110 Parkwood Dr #3
Cupertino, CA, 95014


I am an enthusiastic amateur diver and filmmaker who rarely goes more than a week without getting wet. I've been diving since 1997 and over 1200 dives later I still see something new on almost every dive. Most of my diving is in the greater Monterey area of California but I try to make a point of traveling to more exotic locales at least once a year.

Last modified: 21-Jul-2005

Mikel A. Becerro

Center for Advanced Studies (CEAB)
Spanish Scientific Research Council (CSIC)
Acc Cala S Francesc 14
17300 Blanes (Girona)

Phone (w): + 34 972 336 101
Fax: + 34 972 337 806

I'm a benthic ecologist with interest in biotic interactions and their role in the organization and functioning of ecosystems. Currently working in Spain but with research experience in the Pacific, Caribbean, temperate Atlantic and Mediterranean.

Last modified: 24-Aug-2006

David W. Behrens

35 Versailles Court
Danville, CA. 94506

Phone (h): 925-327-7750
Fax: 925-736-8982

Author of Pacific Coast Nudibranchs.
Co-author of Coral Reef Animals of the Indo-Pacific.
Proprietor of the retail sales side of Sea Challengers Natural History Books,

Danny Van Belle

Broekstraat 24, 9420 Erpe-Mere

Phone (h): 0032 53 848770
Phone (w): 0032 497 624577
Phone (m): 0032 497 624577

After working as PADI instructor in Thailand for almost 8 years I changed direction to work now as freelance (professional) Marine Wildlife Videographer. All started with the success of a few small documentaries. 'The most beautiful camouflages' in 2003 but most important 'The world of gastropods' which was awarded at many international UW filmfestivals worldwide. Including 'The golden fin' at the World festival for UW images in Antibes, France 2004, the most important festival worldwide. My interest goes mainly to filming the smallest creatures in the underwater world including of course all the magnificent nudibranchs. The most interesting nudi I found so far being Hypselodoris zebrina.

Last modified: 01-Feb-2007

Kirsten Benkendorff

107 Morrison Ave,
Wombarra, NSW, 2515,


I am a PhD student (of Biology and Chemistry) from the University of Wollongong, New South Wales, working on biologically active compounds from the egg masses of marine molluscs. I have conducted extensive surveys of the distribution and abundance of molluscs in the Wollongong region with particular attention to breeding sites. I have discovered that it is impossible to work on molluscs without falling in love with Opisthobranchs!

Hans Bertsch

Dr. Hans Bertsch
MARVIDA, Senior Marine Biologist
192 Imperial Beach Blvd. # A
Imperial Beach, CA 91932 USA

Phone (w): (619) 423-8900. In Mexico: (52) 664 683-3512

Last modified: 25-May-2006

Luis Ernesto Arruda Bezerra

Rua Antônio Augusto, 2561, apto 104
Fortaleza - Ceará


I am a university student and have been studying aplysia for 3 years. I am study the seasonal cycle of A. dactylomela in two beaches of the northeast of Brazil, and the relation between purple ink and seaweeds.

Sara Black

Texas A&M University-Galveston
Galveston, TX


Graduate student at Texas A&M University-Galveston. I am obsessed with all things Aplysia and am currently working on inter-species breeding between two tropical species.

Andy den Boer

Baron de Royedreef, 8
B 1980 Eppegem

Phone (h): 0032 485 61.30.85

I run a small construction firm in Belgium and am a keen diver since 2000. Love diving in the Oosterschelde (Nl), Bretagne (Fr) and Canary Islands (E). Will go diving in Norway, scotland and Ireland next years. Specialy interested in nudibranches and photography. Any advice welcome.

Robert F. Bolland

University of Maryland/ASIA
PSC 80, Box 14149,
APO AP 96367


A longtime nudibranch enthusiast. Visit Bob's OKINAWA SLUG SITE.

Ken Bondy

6520 Platt Avenue #651
West Hills, CA 91307
California, USA

Phone (h): 818-883-7853
Phone (w): 818-883-7853
Phone (m): 818-426-3523
Fax: 818-999-4262

Diving and taking pictures underwater for 30+ years.

Last modified: 29-Oct-2007

Alain Bonnet

24 cité Saint Chaumont
75019 Paris

Phone (h): 0033173747741
Phone (m): 0033699824989

Fascinated fundiver about every things underwater in general and about sea slugs and flatworms in particular.
Diving since 1993.

Last modified: 13-Dec-2005

Jane Breidahl

Mornington Peninsula,


I am a secondary Maths teacher with no background at all in Biology! I have been diving for nine years and through a friend who is mad about nudibranchs have decided that I adore them too. Most of my diving is under piers close to home - Frankston, Mornington, Rye, Portsea, Portarlington, St Leonards and local shore dives such as Linley Point in Mornington [Port Phillip Bay, Victoria, Australia]. I keep a very detailed dive log and like to sketch the nudibranchs as I find them. Through my ever increasing knowledge and my interest in all things marine, I've been able to develop and teach a unit of study in Marine Biology at my secondary school - Woodleigh School in Baxter Victoria. I belong to a small dive club - Aquatic Naturalists which meets monthly.

Gérard Breton

Natural History Museum
Le Havre,


I am not a specialist of sea-slugs, but rather a generalist. I am presently curator of the Natural History Museum in Le Havre, and I am interested in any topics in marine biology, evolution (I am primarily a palaeontologist of sea-stars ). In the matter of marine biology, my best (and more usual ) diving spots are Cerbère, at the mesiterranean frontier between France and Spain, and the dock of the harbour of Le Havre (English Channel, France).

Ole Johan Brett

Underaasveien 22, 3070 Sande, Norway

Phone (m): 004799212081

BUW-photographer with 800 dives with Nikon RS, collecting different tropical species.

Last modified: 20-Jul-2007

Gilianne Brodie

Institute of Applied Sciences
University of the South Pacific
P.O. Box 1168
Suva, Fiji

Phone (w): 679 3232876

I have been addicted to opisthobranchs since learning to dive in 1982. My interest in seaslugs, their classification and biology has without doubt shaped my career path. I am currently the coordinator of a taxonomic capacity building program in the Pacific Islands called PACINET. I am on leave without pay from my marine invertebrate lecturing position at James Cook University in Townsville, Australia.

Last modified: 21-Feb-2006

Lisa Brown

St. Louis, Missouri, U.S.A.

Phone (m): 314-779-7408

We have been saltwater aquarists for over 7 years. For the last few years we have grown and sold 'Berghia Verrucicornis' nudibranchs [now known as Aeolidiella stephanieae] to saltwater aquarists to solve their Aiptasia anemone problem. We welcome questions that aquarists might have about 'Berghia' and aiptasia anemone eradication.

Last modified: 08-Mar-2006

Greg Brown

Forge Cottage
125 Yarmouth Road
Thorpe-St-Andrew, Norwich
Norfolk NR30 3NG

Phone (h): +44 (0)1603 439794
Phone (w): +44 (0)1493 850723

Back in the last century!, I had the pleasure of working with Tom Thompson and Bernard Picton at Bristol University for several years trying to clarify the taxonomy of the UK nudibranchs and making full use of SCUBA to aid collecting.

I've recently digitised all the nudi slides taken whilst preparing the publications from this earlier period. Having run through several research grants, I was eventually forced to get a job outside of academia but ended up running an Oceanography Department for a marine environmental company with projects worldwide. Unfortunately, I couldn't get paid for collecting slugs but with more storms and sea levels ever rising, we've never been busier in surveying and modelling the probable effects.
I remain a keen diver and nudibranch photographer visiting the Caribbean whenever possible but always remain envious of the Pacific divers who contribute so much to the Forum.

Last modified: 07-Apr-2006

Dr David J. Brunckhorst

Division of Ecosystem Management, and
Director, Institute for Bioregional Resource Management
University of New England
Armidale NSW 2351


Systematics, phylogeny, biogeography and chemo-ecology of phyllidiid nudibranchs, and tropical marine benthic ecology. My marine interests include Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM); marine and coastal protected areas (MACPAs), and biosphere reserves, conservation in small island states; seascape ecology, marine environmental and resource policy, Integrated planning across coastal-marine interface (bioregional approaches).

Clay Bryce

Museum of Natural Science
Department of Aquatic Zoology (Molluscs)
Francis St.
Western Australia, 6000

Phone (w): (08) 9 427-2746    Int: +61 8 9427-2746 
Phone (m): 014 888 277    Int: +61 14 888-277
Fax: (08) 9427-2882    Int: +61 8 9427-2882

Senior Technical Officer
Department of Aquatic Zoology (Molluscs)

I have been actively documenting the opisthobranch fauna of Western Australia and surrounding waters for, well let's just say many, many years. The collection here at the museum is extensive with a good percentage of it cross registered with colour photographs. In 1993 Sea Slugs of Western Australia was published and another book is in the planning stages. Of late, I have gone off on a slight tangent recording, photographing and collecting the opisthobranch fauna of remote east Pacific islands.

Ingo Burghardt

Ruhr-University Bochum
Lehrstuhl fuer Spezielle Zoologie
Universitaetsstr. 150
D - 44780 Bochum

Phone (w): 0049-234-32-28857

I'm doing a PhD on the evolution, biology and ecology of "solar powered " opisthobranchs, especially nudibranchs that have evolved a symbiosis with zooxanthellae.

Last modified: 11-Nov-2005

Alessandro Busetti

9 Windmill Court
Newcastle Upon Tyne

Phone (w): 0044 01912223064

I am a PhD student studying Marine Biotechnology at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne (Dove Marine Lab), presently beginning a project on novel genetic approaches to study the potential that bacteria living on/in marine invertebrates can offer in regards to antibiotics production, antifouling. What better candidates than Nudibranchs?
I graduated at the University of Rome "La Sapienza" in 2005 and have a Masters degree in Molecular Biology.
I love the Marine environment, and hope that humanity will learn to be less presumptuous and arrogant with this environment recognizing its vital role for our planet.

Last modified: 15-Dec-2007

Gavin Bushell



Lawyer by profession in Manchester, England - but it helps pay for the diving which I do whenever I can, anywhere where there might be nudibranchs.

Gonçalo Calado

IPM-Instituto Português de Malacologia
Zoomarine EN 125 KM 65
8200-864 GUIA

Phone (w): +351 96 795 00 55
Fax: +351 289 560 309

Currently I'm lecturing Ecology and Marine Biology in a Portuguese University and I have some ongoing projects with seaslugs of the Portuguese Coasts.

Last modified: 21-Feb-2006

Lais Kraus de Camargo

Luskroog 17


A bio freak sice childhood, I studied medicine in Brasil. Diving is my second profession and underwater photography a hobby.

Last modified: 29-Oct-2007

Orso Angulo Campillo


I am a university student and have been studying sea slugs for 5 years preparing a list of species found in the Baja California region. See my message for further details.

Magdalena Caretti

M.T de Alvear 2371.2C
CP(1112). Buenos Aires.

Phone (h): 822-4335
Fax: 822-4335

I'm a student from Argentina (Universidad de Buenos Aires) who's interested in the different kinds of defenses that these animals have, specially those in which color is an important factor.

Clay Carlson

Merizo, Guam
P.O. Box 8019
GUAM 96916

Phone (h): 671 828-8082/3434
Fax: 671 828-0827

Diver and underwater photographer. Has been studying the opisthobranchs of Guam for many years.

Allison Carver

Southern California Marine Institute
820 S. Seaside Ave.
Terminal Island,
California CA 90731


I am an undergraduate in Biology and Environmental Studies at Cal State University, San Bernardino, and I am interested in introduced marine species, especially the Philine species along the southern California coast.

Levent Cavas

Dokuz Eylul University
Faculty of Science and Art
Chemistry-Biochemistry Department
35160 Tinaztepe Campus

Phone (h): +90 232 244 3894
Phone (w): +90 232 453 5072-2138
Phone (m): +90 546 217 6563
Fax: +90 232 453 4188

I am a Ph.D. student in Chemistry-Biochemistry Department at Dokuz Eylul University. and interested in oxygen free radical reactions and
antioxidants. I have a diver certificate. I investigate the antioxidant status of some sea plants in Turkish Coastline.

Bill Chambers


PADI Master Instructor/Course Director. Teaching diving since 1975. Underwater Photography Instructor. Interests include photography, wrecks, marine biology, marine aquariums and computers. (Plus a few hundred other things that I can't find time/money/or my wife won't let me do!) Married, two kids. Day job - Dental Ceramics Technician.

First became interested in Nudibranchs when I lived in Malaysia (for 3yrs) and started underwater photography with a Nikonos II plus bulb flash in 1975. Now live at Lake Macquarie, (south of Newcastle).

Dive mainly Nelson Bay and Swansea.

Carlene Cheong



Fanatic female diver residing in Singapore. I go out diving as often as I can, usually in the SE Asia region and at least once to Maldives a year.

Ivan Choong


Director for my company, retailing / distributing dive literature.

While secondary portfolio is an underwater photojournalist for an Asian dive magazine. I'm given opportunities to photograph macro subjects especially nudibrachs which I so adore because of their vivid colors.

Last modified: 02-May-2007

Michelle Chow

Bodega Marine Laboratory
P.O. Box 247
Bodega Bay,
California, CA 94923

Phone (h): (707) 875-2211

I am a graduate student from San Francisco State University. For my thesis, I am interested in the introduced species of Philine on the California coast.

Gennaro Ciavarella

via Urbano 53
71100 Foggia

Phone (h): +390881772539
Phone (w): +390881740519
Phone (m): +393481506182
Fax: +390881718357

Since 1980, scuba diving has been my passion. I dive mainly on the Adriatic Coast of Apulia Region in Italy and In North Sulawesi and South Borneo. I love all underwater life especially the little one and, then, I begin photographing and identifying the many species which occur in my diving range.

Last modified: 23-Dec-2006

Kathryn Clark

Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute
Tupper Att. Kathryn Clark
Unit 0948
APO AA 34002

Phone (w): 507-212-8247

I am a masters student from McGill/NEO program studying in Panama at the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute. I work on marine chemical ecology, with a drug discovery aspect with ICBG (international cooperative biodiversity group). I work with Dolabrifera dolabrifera, Stylocheilus, Elysia diomedea and Polybranchia viridis.

Last modified: 20-Jun-2006

Kerry B Clark

Professor of Biological Sciences,
Florida Institute of Technology, Melbourne,
Florida, FL 32901-6988

Phone (w): 1-407-674-8195

Visit his West Atlantic opisthobranch site.

Sadly, Kerry died in January 1999. See Paula Mikkelsen's message.

Marcus Coltro

Sao Paulo SP Brazil

Phone (h): 55 11 50817261

Not really into slugs, but have been traveling all over the world and collecting them (or taking pictures) to friends for study purposes.
I own a shell business with my brother Jose since 1989 (Femorale).
We are always open to help scientists/biologists with material or collecting information.

Last modified: 20-May-2006

Jack Connick

1935 8th Ave West
Seattle, WA 98119

Phone (w): 206-284-1142
Phone (m): 206-284-6451

I'm an avid diver and underwater photographer with about 500 dives in 9 countries. Love to shoot sea slugs anytime I can!

Last modified: 04-Oct-2005

David Cothran


I am a long term admirer of the Sea Slug Forum - it has been a fantastically useful resource for my work a marine naturalist for Lindblad Expeditions. I have been diving in the Antarctic for the past 6 Austral summers.

Last modified: 21-Feb-2007

Dr. Edwin Cruz-Rivera

University of Guam Marine Laboratory
UOG Station
GUAM 96923

Phone (w): (671)735-2696
Fax: (671)734-6767

My research focuses on the nutritional and chemical ecology of marine plant-herbivore interactions, the ecology of mesograzers, and how prey traits affect the ecology and evolution of consumer feeding preferences in marine systems.

In Guam, some species of Volvatella recruit in large numbers every so often. I am currently working on some aspects of the feeding and chemical ecology of V. pyriformis (a specialist on Caulerpa sertularioides).

Scott Cummins

Marine Biomedical Institute
University of Texas Medical Branch
301 University Blvd.
Galveston, TX, 77555, USA.

Phone (w): (409) 772 2840

I am a postdoctoral research fellow studying chemical communication between Aplysia spp. Pheromone communication appears to be important to the success of these animals. One area of my research has led to the discovery that during the process of egg laying these animals release a blend of pheromones that attract other Aplysia, which results in aggregations of mating animals. We have characterised these pheromones in great detail. It's likely that a similar pheromonal system exists in other sea slugs.

Last modified: 02-Nov-2005

Jacob Dafni 6469 Eilat, ISRAEL 88105

Phone (h): 972-8-6372383
Phone (m): 972-52-3909104
Fax: 972-8-6372383

For ca. 45 years observing and studying the marine invertebrates of the Red Sea, particularly the Gulf of Eilat (Aqaba Gulf). I earned my degrees studying the species diversity of an invertebrate community upon dead corals, while my doctorate dealt mainly with the consequences of chemical pollution on the growth and form (i.e. deformities) on the sea urchin Tripneustes gratilla elatensis (a Red Sea subspecies of this common sea urchin.
In between I gathered a large collection of mollusc shells, of ca 600 species. Lately I added more than 150 opistobranch species to a web guide for the Gulf mollusca, one of 7 webguides for other invertebrates. The guide and a personal site can be found under my website portal "dafni-sites".

Last modified: 02-Aug-2005

Stephen Davison

c/o 4 Wray St
Acacia Ridge
Bisbane 4110

Phone (m): 0415215049

Despite finishing High School with Maths Science subjects I Studied arts and worked as a performer in Musical Theatre for 14 years, I took a break to become a Dive master and then a SCUBA instructor and have been doing that on and off for a few years now. Hence the interest in fishlife. I came across this website initially in an email news letter from a Dive shop then researching sea hares! I'll be back to improve my fish ID and to contribute if I can. I expect I'll be referring a lot of students here too!

Last modified: 24-Oct-2005

Sherri Deaver

1918 Parkhill Drive
Billings, MT


Recreational snorkler and REEF member. I routinely fill out REEF survey forms on all snorkels. I would be glad to record other data for researchers with specific interests. I tend to do a lot of muck snorkels as well as the more traditional reef sites. Most of the time I go to the southern Caribbean but will occasionally venture into the Pacific.

Last modified: 24-Aug-2005

Arpit Deomurari

"Avani" Anand Colony Road No. 1
Behind Mental Hospital, Vikasgruh Road,
Gujarat- INDIA

Phone (w): +91-9426442243

I'm a young naturalist from Jamnagar, I'm Computer Engineer by profession, and working as a freelance consultant. I have a passion for marine creatures, birds and other wildlife. For my personal introduction to say the least, I am a technocrat trying to find out easier and smart ways to get away from the "technology world" for my pursuits in wildlife. It's a passion and sheer poetry for my soul. I am most fascinated by the wonders of this natural world and every moment of my life is a walk in exploration. I never wait for any opportunity to happen but have always endeavored to create them when they were least possible. Birding from childhood, I know the areas of Rann of Kutch,Marine National Park, Gulf of Kutch, Jamnagar Coastal Area and the National Parks of Gujarat like the palm of my hand.

I had participated in coral, bird and mammal surveys in the great Rann of Kutch, Gulf of kutch and jamnagar. I am an expert in identifying and locating the specialties. My ability to closely work with forest department, NGOs and other individuals is excellent.

I had also Worked as a resource person for Forest Department, MarineNational Park in Jamnagar, Gujarat for designing Marine Natural History Museum and Interpretation Zone. Responsible for arranging and displaying zoological specimens taxonomically, including various species of corals, mollusk, fish and other vertebrates. And also Forest Department, Marine National Park, Jamnagar, Gujarat as a resource person for preparing various studies and reports.

My Interest:
Bird and Coral Taxonomy and identification, Population Analysis of Avian fauna, Herpetology, Conchology. Marine Invertebrates, Raptors etc. Study of reptiles and birds in captivity.

• Identification birds, reptiles, corals and other marine invertebrates.
• Developing and deploying detailed project for avian and marine fauna monitoring
• Collecting and analyzing various data for preparing effective reports and action plans for conservation.
• Use latest IT and other tools like GIS for wildlife research and conservation.
• Developing tailor-made software for data collection and analysis for wildlife related
• In-depth knowledge of ecology and environment.
• Knowledge of various techniques for bird and coral reef monitoring like spot count, Captured count and other protocols etc.
• Master skills in Collation, collection and compilation of data from literature.

Last modified: 29-Jun-2006

Andrea Di Cencio


I'm a student of geology and paleontology here in Italy. I'm interested in all news about pteropods... recent and fossil...
Thanx and good bye
Andrea Di Cencio

Mona Dienhart

4, Kreizenhicht
L-6225 Altrier

Phone (h): +352 26 95 38 58
Phone (w): +352 95 92 05 56
Phone (m): +352 621 30 85 86

I'm 37 years old and live with my husband in northern Luxembourg. We both discovered scuba diving in Malaysia on the Perentian Is. in March 2000. We took our brand new Sea&Sea MII underwater during our dive course! Since then the camera has changed a couple of times. Currently we are shooting with a Fuji E900. But the dSLR has arrived...
I was always interested in photography, especially underwater. I think it's one of the best means to get non-divers a look to this precious underwater world.
Locations we have dived :
AFRICA :Red Sea, Mozambique
EUROPE : Madeira, Croatia, Luxembourg, Medes(Spain)
ASIA : Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines

I'm actually OWSI and teaching in Luxembourg

Last modified: 20-Jul-2007



Phone (h): 0912782470838
Phone (m): 0919825469115

I'm a researcher working on various aspects of coral reef in the Gulf of Kutch. Gujarat, India

Last modified: 11-May-2007

Richard Driver

18473 65 Avenue
Cloverdale B.C.
Canada V3S 8T1

Phone (h): (604) 575-1751
Phone (w): (604) 881-2645

I have been an active scuba diver in the Pacific Northwest (North Eastern Pacific, Washington USA and British Columbia Canada) for the last 36 years.

I average about 50 dives per year and have done SCUBA instruction, Commercial, Sport, and underwater still, film and video photography.

Last modified: 29-Oct-2007

Anne DuPont

4070 NW 7th Lane
Delray Beach, Florida
Fl 33445, USA

Phone (h): 561-495-2143

Anne is a retired IBM instructor whose favorite pursuit is underwater photography. She particularly enjoys photographing invertebrates and has a passion for nudibranchs. She dives and photographs primarily in Florida, the Bahamas and the Caribbean.

Anne and her husband reside in Delray Beach, Florida. When not diving Florida waters, they spend their time diving and cruising the Bahamas on their trawler.

Sean Dyer

Kihei, Hawaii

Phone (h): 858-779-9161
Phone (w): 858-779-9161

I dive a few times a week and enjoying photographing undewater life including Sea Slugs. I live on the island of Maui in Hawaii. I run a website called which is where I post my photos. We have a Field Guide where some of us are organizing our photos for underwater reference. I'm very interested in finding out more about the behaviors of the Slugs and will post photos here to add to the index.



Last modified: 14-Dec-2007

Daniel Edwards

PhD Student
School of Life Sciences
Heriot-Watt University
EH14 4AS


I'm currently investigating various aspects of the ecology of British sea pens for my PhD at Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, Scotland. I'm particularly interested in the role of nudibranchs as potential predators of sea pens.

Kamal El Tawil

Cairo, Egypt

Phone (w): +20 2 304-2788

I am an amateur diver and love underwater photography. I dive in the Egyptian red sea. I spend most of my dive time looking for small stuff and nudibranchs. As a profession, i am a chemical engineer and have my own business related to the chemical industry.

I have just designed where i posted my pictures. Any questions related to the red sea are welcome.

Last modified: 16-Jan-2006

Wayne Ellis

PO Box 3
GlassHouse Mountains Qld 4518

Phone (h): (07) 5493 0040
Phone (m): 015 767 220

I've been diving since 1981. From early on I have been interested in photographing and collecting information on nudis. Before moving to Qld I dived extensively around Newcastle, Port Stephens and Forster. I have dived many sites in NSW, Lord Howe Island, Hawaii, New Guinea and The Great Barrier Reef. With assistance of local divers and dive shops and others I'm compiling a database of Sunshine Coast nudis.

Visit my website to download a copy of my on-line monthly newsletter - Australasian Nudibranch NEWS.

I am also an Honorary Volunteer at the Queensland Museum, Brisbane.

Emily Eng

Bellevue, Washington, USA


I've recently finished my undergraduate degree in biology and am looking for an opportunity to research/work with any sea slugs. If you know of any volunteer or research positions out there, please email me and let me know. I'd love to work at any lab or aquarium anywhere in the world. I have found out that my passion and love are these nudibranchs and to work with them is my life's goal.
Thanks for the help,

Last modified: 29-Oct-2007

Levent Erkol

Department of Marine Biology,
Faculty of Fisheries,
Çukurova University

Phone (h): +90 322 225 29 65
Phone (w): +90 322 338 60 84/2065/133
Phone (m): +90 535 9681309

I am a diving instructor and marine conservation specialist studying invertebrate biodiversity of Levantine Sea.

Last modified: 03-Aug-2006

Jussi Evertsen

Trondhjem Biological Station
Department of Biology
Norwegian University of Science and Technology
N-7491 Trondheim, Norway

Phone (w): +47 73591582
Email: jussi.evertsen(a)

Currently a PhD candidate working on a project on sacoglossans and how they utilize photosynthetic chloroplasts (kleptoplasty).

Also running a project on nudibranch diversity along the Norwegian coast. See for more info.

Last modified: 02-Aug-2005

Joshua Feingold

13801 SW 26th Street
Davie, Florida 33325

Phone (h): (954) 915-8838
Phone (w): (954) 262-8307
Phone (m): (954) 647-8453

Associate Professor
3301 College Avenue
Nova Southeastern University
Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33314

Last modified: 29-Oct-2007

David Feld

12 Third Avenue
NG31 9TR

Phone (h): +44 (0) 1476 578412

- General interest in all things molluscan.
- Collect just about everything, including non-marine, but particularly keen on Aporrhaidae/ Struthiolariidae, Ficidae, Nassariidae, Thaididae, Mytilidae, Pinnidae and shelled opisthobranchs.
- Currently writing 'A Field Guide to the Marine Gastropods of Britain and northwest Europe' (northern France to the Arctic Sea, and Denmark Straits to the Kara Sea).
- Would be grateful for any interesting and/or useful information on any of the Opisthobranchia from within this area, especially deep-sea species. Certainly happy to correspond.

Last modified: 01-Nov-2005

Aaron Fink

4344 Conway Valley CT
Atlanta, GA 30327

Phone (h): 404-262-2397
Phone (m): 404-444-0821

In 1986 I purchased my first underwater camera and discovered a new photographic realm. I have worked with Ella Jean Morgan, Franklin Viola, and Donald Tipton and have been honored with numerous publications, several photographic awards, and multiple gallery appearances. I live in Atlanta, GA with my wife Vicki, who shares my passion for the beauty of our underwater world and concern for its future. When not behind the camera, I am a Professor of Surgery at Emory University School of Medicine. Additional work can be seen on my website at:

Last modified: 01-Feb-2007

Hugues Flodrops

2, coteaux de l'Avenir

Phone (h): 0262-26-09-94
Phone (w): 0262-35-90-00

Pediatrician in a hospital.
Amateur Marine Naturalist and avid underwater photographer since 2000. Passion for sea slugs since 2006.

Last modified: 04-Dec-2006

Judy Foester

5 Pilot Avenue
West Milford, NJ 07480

Phone (h): 973-728-8426
Fax: 973-506-4424

I'm a retired bio and chem teacher (35 years), living in northern New Jersey. I started snorkeling in 1963 and scuba diving in 1975. After countless trips to the Caribbean, Nancy and Ron Sefton convinced me to try the Pacific. Now, I'm hopelessly 'Pacific'. My friends can't understand how I can travel alone to the opposite side of the planet, but they don't realized that all of us divers are one big family, reuniting at times in small groups. I loved the Solomon Islands, Papua New Guinea and Indonesia. I think the internet is the most amazing way of sharing our knowledge of these sea creatures, with voices from all over. Lately, I've been identifying Eric Cheng's photos from Rajah Ampat.

Last modified: 20-Sep-2005

Brian Francisco

Pantai Kelapa
Dili, East Timor


I have been living, working and diving in East Timor since 2003. I first began taking underwate photos in 2004 and in 2005 began the website UnderWater East Timor.

Last modified: 11-Mar-2006

Mike & Valda Fraser

403 Manning Rd
Durban 4001
South Africa

Phone (h): +2731 2058771
Fax: +2731 7646700

Since 1988, scuba diving has been our passion. We dive mainly on the South Coast of Natal, South Africa, from Scottburgh to Margate. Valda has always been fascinated by nudibranchs and commandeered our Nikonos V early in 1999 to begin photographing and identifying the many species which occur in our diving range.

Mike and Valda Fraser

Virginie Fruh

Ch. des Bruyères 14,
1007 Lausanne,


Having lived in the Philippines and other Asian countries as a child, I've developed a very strong passion for cnidarians and molluscs, especially our beloved sea slugs. Hoping to one day study them in detail all while working with small local tropical villages in the goal to sustain resources and allow better living conditions, I strongly appreciate this forum and all members!
I have a BSc in Marine Biology and am planning to do a Ph D in New Zealand.

Paul Furneaux

270 Oceanbeach Rd,
Mt Maunganui,
New Zealand.

Phone (h): 07-575-6574
Phone (w): 07-576-2316

I am a high-school biology teacher at Otumoetai College in Tauranga, NZ, and have a keen interest in marine biology generally, and in the intertidal, estuarine/harbour-dwelling sea slugs of our area in particular. I am currently endeavouring to encourage some of my students into long-term projects that focus on various intertidal species.

Last modified: 06-Sep-2005

Todd Garthwaite

Taipei, Taiwan


I'm from New Jersey, (USA), and I am a senior instructor of English as a Second Language (ESL), as well as a teacher trainer, here in Taipei, Taiwan. I've lived in Taiwan for nearly 11 years now, and I speak fluent Chinese. I've been an avid diver (& a "brancher") for 4 & half years. I've been pursuing U/W photography as a hobby for about a year & 1/2. I go diving (& "branching") off of Taiwan's Scenic N.E. Coast every week from mid-April to mid-October.

Daniel L. Geiger

Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History
Invertebrate Zoology
2559 Puesta del Sol Road
Santa Barbara, CA 93105

Phone (w): (805) 682 4711 x152
Fax: (805)563 0574

I am a malacologist working on vetigastropods (abalone, key-hole limpets, scissurellids) as well as a photographer. I run into slugs during field work and share the finds with the slug people.

Last modified: 03-Aug-2005

Mark Gerlach

Phone (h): 08 9417 3664
Phone (m): 0402 613 811

I work in the printing industry and have been a keen diver since 1994, I have been taking marine images since 1996.

Last modified: 03-Jan-2007

Scott Gietler

2928 4th street, #17
Santa Monica


I am an avid underwater photographer and marine science hobbyist who lives in Santa Monica, CA. I also run the website My wife Penny and I try to shore dive each week at various sites in Los Angeles that are home to over 50 species of nudibranchs.

Last modified: 03-Jan-2007

Tony Gilbert

Cheshire, England UK


Avid diver-photographer, much diving being in UK waters, around most coastlines.

I like identifying marine creatures, especially those that seem to be out of place in a particular area, and love to photograph those smaller species, esp. nudibranchs, flatworms, sea hares, hydroids, brittlestars, pipefish, jewel anemones, blennies etc. No special marine qualifications. Have been photo-diving for 11 years now.

I am particularly interested in molluscia around Lanzarote and the UK.

Last modified: 16-Jun-2007

Ann Gilmore

Phone (w): +64 9 9806789

I found this seahare, and took these photos, calling over 2 other divers who were in the area, they took photos also. I hovered to take more photos when they had finished, and when i went to do so I pushed a piece of weed out of the way, and in doing so found a tiny seahorse which Rudie Kuiters has since identified as the first living specimen known of H. jugumus - there has been a good deal of excitement surrounding the seahorse, so this dear little seahare has remained in the background until now.

Last modified: 15-Feb-2006

Davide Giovine and Giovanni Raimondi

Genova Aquarium


We are two students working on our University thesis research on hard corals at Genova Aquarium.

Jeff Goddard

Marine Science Institute
University of California
Santa Barbara, CA 93106-6150

Phone (w): (805) 688-7041
Fax: (805) 686-2470

My research interests are in the feeding ecology, mode of development and distribution of opisthobranchs, particularly nudibranchs. I also work on introduced marine organisms and have worked on host specificity in rhizocephalan barnacles. I have been interested in nudibranchs ever since finding my first Hermissenda crassicornis on the shores of San Francisco Bay as a child, and I particularly enjoy surveying new (at least to me) intertidal sites in the northeastern Pacific. Thus far, I have sampled sites between south central Alaska and the Sea of Cortez, plus one trip to Nayarit, Mexico in 1985.

Last modified: 02-Aug-2005

Goker Goksel

34340 Istanbul, Turkiye


Born in 1981
Computer Science Major
Plastic and Plastic Mold Manufacturer

Living in Ulus, Istanbul, Turkiye

Swimming since 1985
Snorkelling since 1987
Photography since 1996
SCUBA diving since 2003
Underwater photography since 2003
UW Photography with SLR camera since 19 May 2005
Keen and experienced amateur UW photographer

Last modified: 06-Oct-2005

Terry Gosliner

Director of Research, Senior Curator,
Department of Invertebrate Zoology and Geology
California Academy of Sciences,
Golden Gate Park,
San Francisco,
California, 94118


A longtime, productive opisthobranch research worker. See his webpage above for more biographical details.

Karen Gowlett-Holmes

Invertebrate Manager
CSIRO Division of Marine Research
GPO Box 1538
Australia, 7001

Phone (w): (03) 6232 5128    int. +613 6232 5128
Fax: (03) 6232 5485   int. +613 6232 5485

Mike Greenemeier

Huntsville, AL USA


I'm a student of marine biology at Auburn University in Alabama hoping to study sea slugs in graduate school at some exotic locale. I also enjoy keeping saltwater aquariums.

Last modified: 15-Jul-2005

Jim Greenfield

39 Burnbridge Oval

Phone (h): 01423 873194

Amateur marine naturalist and avid underwater photographer since 1970.

Last modified: 06-Sep-2006

Severine Grilhe



I'm French, living now in the island of Mayotte ( Indian ocean ).
I discovered sea slugs since my first dive , in the Atlantic ocean, Arcachon and the Biscaye bay.
I have a lot of macrophotographs, and now a lot of sea slugs from the reef of Mayotte . ( sorry my English is not very good ...)
I can give any information from this place

Last modified: 28-Nov-2005

Reindert Grooters and Mieke Snoek

Karthuizersplantsoen 21
1015LS Amsterdam
the Netherlands


Both diving since 1991. Rescue certificate. We always loved nudies. Two years ago we bought a camera and now shooting them, as well as other small critters, on every dive.

Last modified: 08-Sep-2005

Sylvia Grune

Final Calle Corocoro
Urb.Playa El Angel
Isla de Margarita

Phone (m): 0058-4147878197
Fax: 0058-2952628198

I recently graduated as a Marine Biologist at the Universidad de Oriente in Venezuela. One of my interests is the taxonomy and phylogeny of opistobranch mollusks.

Last modified: 03-Aug-2006

Barbara Hanchard

C/O Forum Fisheries Agency
P.O Box 629
Solomon Islands

Phone (h): (677) 24932
Phone (w): (677) 21124
Fax: (677) 23995

I have worked in the Solomon Islands for close to 10 years in the area of Oceanic fisheries management for an regional(inter-governmental) fisheries agency. In the course of diving in the Solomons I have developed a keen interest in marine life smaller than tunas.

Last modified: 21-Jul-2005

Dave Harasti


Marine scientist / underwater photographer who has been photographing nudibranchs for the past ten years. I have recorded 120 different species from Port Stephens, NSW, eastern Australia, and have photographed about 250 different nudibranch species that can be seen on my website.

Last modified: 25-Jul-2005

Leslie Harris

Collections Manager, Polychaetes
Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County
900 Exposition Boulevard
Los Angeles, California 90007 USA

Phone (w): 1-213-763-3234

My area of speciality is polychaete worms. Through my field work which concentrates on collecting for my museum and photographing live animals I've become enamored of nudibranchs. Most of what I photograph is small since I primarily do microphotography with a Leica MZ12 dissecting scope that accompanies me throughout the world. Examples of my branch images can be seen at the Guana Biodiversity Survey url. I also moderate the Critter ID forums on Wetpixel ( and Digital Diver (, 2 large UW photography boards. The Sea Slug Forum has been an absolutely invaluable resource and my most frequent comment to people on WP & DD who post images I can't id, range extensions, or of interesting behavior is "You need to send this to Bill!"

Last modified: 02-Apr-2006

Lara V. Henry

University of South Florida
College of Marine Science
140 7th Avenue South
St. Petersburg, FL 33701


I am a graduate student in biological oceanography. I am a scientific diver and amateur undersea photographer. I am currently working on the CARIACO project in the anoxic Cariaco Basin, Venezuela, studying zooplankton adaptations to suboxia.

Last modified: 14-Dec-2006

Daniel Hershman

1212 SW 354th Place
Federal Way
Washington State WA 98023


Seattle area diver and photography instructor.

Last modified: 28-May-2007

Jackie Hildering and Glen Miller

British Columbia, Canada


Glen and I are avid divers in the cold, astoundingly rich waters of Northern Vancouver Island. Our current delight is identifying nudibrach egg masses in our area.

Last modified: 28-May-2007

Yoshiaki J. Hirano

Department of Biology, Graduate School of Science, Chiba University
Yayoi 1-33, Inageku, Chiba, 263-8522, Japan.
(Seashore Address: Kominato Mar. Lab., MBRC,
Kamogawa, 299-5502, Japan)

Phone (w): +81-43-290-2813
Fax: +81-43-290-2813

Associate Professor, Chiba University.
(Marine Biology)

Aeolid nudibranchs, their evolution and ecology, and marine ecosystems...(recently Sacoglossa and algal interactions, biodiversity) major fields of sea slug biological science.

Last modified: 30-Apr-2007

Nick Hobgood

Dili, East Timor


Fascination with nudibranchs prompted me to buy my first underwater camera in 2002. I have not been able to stop since, as evidenced by the frequent (and often larger than my wife would like) transactions in my bank statements. All well worth it. ;-)

Please visit the website above - a regularly updated set of photographs of nudibranchs encountered in East Timor. All the photos are geotagged with the dive site where they were taken.

Last modified: 10-Dec-2006

Robert Jan (Roy) van de Hoek

Ballona Institute
322 Culver Boulevard
Playa del Rey, CA 90293

Phone (w): 310.821-9045

I am a biologist, ecologist, geographer, conservationist, and "all-around" naturalist. I first became aware of "sea slugs" and "bubble shells" in 1978, while enrolled at CSUN in an invertebrate zoology course. Marine biology, tidepools, and mudflats have been of interest to me ever since taking that course.

I am particularly fascinated with the history of natural history and the biographies of earlier naturalist-scientists in California, such as the John Steinbeck - Ed Ricketts story, as it relates to marine biology, molluscs, "sea slugs" and "bubble shells."

Last modified: 28-Jul-2006

Yuri Hooker

Laboratorio de Biología Marina
Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia
Av. Honorio Delgado 430, S.M.P., Lima

Phone (w): +51 1 3190043, anexo 2723
Phone (m): +51 1 93043030

I'm marine biologist and work in marine diversity in Peru and Antarctica. Diving for more than 20 years and I have been making photography submarine. At the moment I'm making a project with Michael Schroedl, for the inventory of the opistobranquios from Peru.

Last modified: 17-Oct-2006

Dr Stephen Hoskins C.Biol., F.I.Biol, F.L.S.


Phone (w): 023 80704561

Plant/fungal biochemist by training with over 20 years teaching and writing experience coupled with writing book reviews on all aspects of ecology, including marine, biochemistry and plant sciences. Spent a sabbatical a few years back studying sea hares around the UK coasts, including Channel Islands, and posted a few sightings on the Sea Slug Forum. I still undertake field work on Aplysia punctata during my summer vacations and am an avid reader of the Forum's messages.

Last modified: 11-Jul-2006

Stuart & Melinda Hutchison

14 Austin Place
Wynn Vale
SA 5127

Phone (h): +61 8 8251 4012

We are both very keen nudibranch observers and would be glad to elaborate on what we've seen around Adelaide, South Australia (in particular Edithburgh, Port Hughes and Rapid Bay).

Jun Imamoto

1394-1 Oogachi, Tatsugou-CHO, Ooshima-GUN, Kagoshima-KEN, JAPAN
ZIP 894-0105

Phone (h): +81-997-55-4119
Phone (m): 090-5821-4192

My occupation is a computer system engineer.
I am an amateur sea slug researcher mainly interested in photography.
I live in the isolated island of Amami-Ooshima which is about 300 km northeast of Okinawa.

The climate is subtropical the sea temperature is affected by the Kuroshio Current which passes nearby.

Last modified: 30-Jul-2005

Ray Izumi

27704 NE Quail Creek Dr.
Redmond, WA 98053


I'm a computer network consultant, which is a way to pay the bills for my real passion, shooting underwater video. My favorite subjects are opisthobranchs. I have broadcast-quality footage of over three hundred species right now, and the number grows all the time.

Some examples are available at The Slug Site.

Last modified: 22-Jul-2005

Paul Jambunathan

Consultant Clinical Psychologist
International Medical University
Commonwealth Plaza
57000 Kuala Lumpur

Phone (w): 603-86567228
Fax: 603-86567229

Hello from Malaysia. I belong to a group of very ardent divers who have a passion for the micro world.

Arie W. Janssen


I specialise on mainly fossil heteropods and pteropods of Cainozoic age. I used to be a curator of the Dutch national Museum of Natural History (Palaeontology Department) at Leiden, the Netherlands, but currently I live a retired life in Malta, where I continue my research studying many samples from all over the world. Please have a look at my website to find further details about me and my work and a lot of info on holoplanktonic molluscs and their literature. I gratefully accept identification requests on fossil holoplanktonics ...

Kathe R. Jensen

Zoological Museum
Universitetsparken 15
DK-2100 Copenhagen Ø


This is just a change of my e-mail address; the old one still works, but I don't know for how long.

Last modified: 15-Feb-2006

Budi Ramadi Jerry


Recreational diver & casual underwater photographer. Big fans of nudibranch.

Last modified: 01-Feb-2007

Scott Johnson

Kwajalein, Marshall Islands


I grew up in the Marshall Islands and was trained in Hawaii as a biologist with special interest in West-Central Pacific nudibranchs. I spent several years at the Mid-Pacific Research Lab on Enewetak Atoll, but the lab closed due to lack of funding late in 1983. After spending so many years in the tropics, I found my blood too thin to spend much time in a temperate climate, and tropical jobs for nudi specialists were few. To earn a living, I switched to computer system administration as a day job -- but it really is just to support my addiction to compressed nitrogen delivered by scuba regulator. A still photographer for many years, I now spend most of my underwater time dragging around a video camera.

Last modified: 25-Jan-2006

Rebecca Johnson

Califonia Academy of Sciences
875 Howard Street
San Francisco, CA 94103

Phone (w): 415 321-8252
Fax: 415 321-8615

I am a PhD candidate at the University of California at Santa Cruz and the California Academy of Sciences. My work focuses on the evolutionary history of chromodoridid nudibranchs. Specifically, I am using molecular and morphological tools to untangle relationships and help delineate species in this amazingly diverse group.

Last modified: 04-Nov-2005

P.M. Johnson

NSF Graduate Research Fellow
Department of Zoology
University of Washington,
Seattle, Washington, U.S.A.

Spring Quarter Address (April 1 - June 10):
7-1306 Hoshimigaoka, C-102
Kuwana-shi, Mie-ken 511-0912


I'm a PhD student in zoology at the University of Washington working on defense in sea hares, particularly the ink and opaline systems of Aplysia.

Ian D. Jones MD


Professionally, I am an Emergency Medicine physician. I am an avid underwater photographer and amateur underwater naturalist. I always enjoy finding, photographing, and identifying nudibranchs.

Last modified: 03-Aug-2005

Lisa Kirkendale


I completed my MSc at University of Guam in 2000, my doctorate in Florida this past December and now reside in Sydney, Australia.

Last modified: 10-Apr-2006

Annette Klussmann-Kolb

Institute of Ecology, Evolution and Diversity
Goethe University Frankfurt
60054 Frankfurt am Main

Phone (w): +49 69 798 24719

I am juniorprofessor at the University in Frankfurt, Germany. My main research interest are the taxonomy, phylogeny and evolution of heterobranch gastropods with special focus on Opisthobranchia.
In our group we use morphological, histological, histochemical and molecular techniques.

Last modified: 02-Dec-2005

Christian Knost



Keen diver with MB-related interests, especially regarding UW macro photography on nudibranchs/opisthobranchs.

I used to work as a scuba instructor in Dahab, Sinai/Egypt, Khao Lak/Thailand as well as a shop manager in Tulamben, Bali/Indonesia.

PADI MSDT, 1600+ logged dives, currently shooting with Canon PowerShot S50 in WP-DC 300 housing plus Sea&Sea 1:2 attachment lens and YS-25 DX strobe. Main photo locations: Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines.

Last modified: 13-Nov-2019

Erwin Kodiat

Kuta, Bali


Erwin, the co-founder of Nudi Pixel, is a full time web developer and co-owner of Terong Internet Engineering as well as the co-founder of Kapal Selam Dive Club, a non profit dive club. He is building the Underwater Photography Forum to facilitate the need for underwater photography discussion among divers especially beginners. He has pursued underwater photography as an enjoyable pastime since 2005 after a short introduction to the art by his friend.

Erwin has traveled to many exotic dive sites in Indonesia and Thailand since 2002. These travels have taken him to Bali, Raja Ampat Islands, Komodo, Central Moluccas (Ambon, Pulau Tiga, Seram Island), Halmahera Island, Derawan Islands - East Borneo (Derawan, Sangalaki, Maratua), Selayar Island, Manado, Lembeh Strait, Lombok Island, and the Similan Islands.

Erwin has had a real passion for nudibranchs since the first time he went diving and saw the beauty of these 'ocean butterflies'.

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Erwin Koehler

Erwin Koehler
Logon, Malapascua island,
Daanbantayan, Cebu North


I am a keen uw-photographer specialised in Opisthobranchs. I am the webmaster of two websites:

Last modified: 09-Jun-2006

Erwin Koehler



My full time job is database-administrator at Deutsche Post AG, no wife, no children. Diver and uw-photographer since 1989. I take care of the Mediterranean Slug Site.

If you want to see your opisthobranch-photos on the web for free, please contact me.

Dong Bum Koh

HanBit Psychiatric Clinic.
560, Samdo 1-Dong,
Jeju City,
South Korea

Phone (h): 82-64-746-5639
Phone (w): 82-64-758-3878
Phone (m): 016-699-5639
Fax: 82-64-758-3879

I'm a psychiatrist & opened my clinic in Jeju island.

During past 10 years I taking underwater photos, including seaslugs and sampled Ovulidae around Jeju area.

Now I am interested in identify of Korean Ovulidae and seaslugs for my publication.

I'm not a professional but enthusiastic amateur.

Last modified: 22-Jul-2005

Audrey Koh



I am Singaporean.I started diving in 1999 and has never stopped since. It's a blessing to live in Singapore as it allows me to dive in the beautiful South China Sea region by just hopping on a liveaboard. I have always seen so many unknown creatures underwater and it's always so hard to describe them. That motivated me to get a digital camera. Since I bought my Sony P9 last May, I have not stop clicking. Now I can take photos & ask someone what it is. Today, I almost found my answer to another unknown creature I have seen. :-)

Jean-Paul & Ute Koninx

Sultanate of Oman.


We have been diving since 1997, and discovered nudibranchs thanks to a guest lecture on Heron Island, in 1998. A year later we tried underwater photography, and ever since we are fully hooked on the little creatures. Ever more we find ourselves spending a whole dive on a couple of meters squared, while the sharks pass unseen behind our backs ...

[Previously in Perth, Western Australia]

Binyamin and Shulamit Koretz

PO Box 1950
Eilat 88119, Israel

Phone (w): +972 8 633 0205
Phone (m): +972 54 485 8977
Fax: +972 8 633 0204

Sea slug enthusiasts who live and dive in Eilat, Israel, on the shore of the Red Sea.

Last modified: 16-Feb-2006

Mike Krampf

Sri Penaga #37-22-3
Jalan Medang Serai
Bukit Bandaraya
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 59100

Phone (w): +603-5639-3101
Phone (m): +6012-222-3456

Avid scuba diver with over 500 dives and amateur underwater photographer that has just recently moved from the "big stuff" to the "little stuff" and am trying to learn more about nudibranches.

Last modified: 06-Jun-2006

Pauli Kuusisto

Phone (h): 66 (0)76 354386
Fax: 66 (0)76 248815

I am a Swedish Master Mariner based in Phuket,Thailand since 1987. Dived since 1988. Work approx. 6 months a year at world wide shipping.

While on leave my Interest is Diving/UW photography, mostly Macro. To be able to dive as much as possible I do some Freelance Divemastering for a local dive-operator, (Fantasea Divers)

Pauli Kuusisto

KL Kwang

Level 19, Uptown One
1, Jalan SS21/58,
Damansara Uptown,
47400 Petaling Jaya

Phone (w): +60 7723 6582
Phone (m): +60 12 3990 325

I love the sea and all the creature in it. I'm just an avid diver and underwater photographer that love nudibranchs since I was introduced to it by my dive instructor. I now have lots of images of various nudibranchs.

Last modified: 29-Oct-2007

Sam LaPonza

13700 Hathaway Road
Garfield Heights, Ohio 44125

Phone (m): 216-246-9824

I have been working with saltwater fish and inverts as a hobby for 8 years now.

Last modified: 15-Aug-2006

Asther M. Lau

Selangor, Malaysia

Phone (m): +60122996942

An active-teaching scuba instructress, I'm also very into underwater photography since 2003. This forum has helped me and my fellow divers/students in understanding and identifying the beautiful nudibranchs that we've found in our dives. I'm especially happy to find that this forum has not been closed down and Bill is still here to share with us.

Last modified: 07-Nov-2005

Kevin Lee

Fullerton, California USA


Business Consultant. Avid mountain biker & high altitude trekker. Scuba certified in 2003. After 100 dives, diving became ho-hum. Then I got my hands on an underwater camera and now I look forward to every dive. Nuds are my favorite subjects. Board Member of Orange County Underwater Photographic Society ( K:-)

More underwater images also posted at:

Last modified: 25-Mar-2006

Jane and Pete Lilley

Lance's Cottage, Parkgate Road
Newdigate, Surrey RH5 5DY, UK


We are experienced amateur divers in UK waters, especially the SW and W coasts; with a strong interest in marine life.

Last modified: 23-Jul-2005

Barbara Lloyd

POB 26957
San Diego, CA 92196-0957

Phone (m): 858-405-4425

I am a PADI DM with over 500 dives in 5 years;
I have dived over 350 in cold water, mostly San Diego; but I have dived in Bali, Florida, and Bonaire, too.

I am a drysuit diver; Nitrox certified. I prefer steel tanks.
My average dive depth is probably about 100 fsw.
I was certified in 2001, and became a divemaster in 2003. I became an EFR & DAN instructor in 2005.

PADI DM #190204 / EFR Instructor #190204 (CPR/AED/First Aid) / DAN Instructor #12167 (O2/AED/HMLI/Neuro)

Photography has always be a passion of mine, but I did not really get excited about it until about 2 years ago. My most favorite marine critter is the sea slug. But I love taking photos and videos of just about anything that catches my eye.

Last modified: 24-Feb-2006

Steve Long

265 Pacific St.
Tustin, CA 92780

Phone (h): 714-306-0244
Phone (m): 714-210-9222

Primary current work on Bibliography of Opisthobranchia listing ALL publications relating to seaslugs.

Last modified: 16-Feb-2006

Juan Vicente López-Canales

Dpto.Biología Animal, Vegetal y Ecología
Aptdo 40
Pto.Real (Cádiz)


I´m a student of Marine Science at the Cádiz University and I am interested in the biology of Discodoris atromaculata specially in its food.

James Lyle

Hermosa Beach, CA


Emeritus chemistry professor, avid u/w photographer, and nudiphile.

Last modified: 21-Jan-2006

Iain Andrew Macdonald


I am a coral reef ecologist who has ended up working in Qatar, Arabian Gulf, since Feb 2004. I take U/W photos for my own enjoyment but have noted that there is a pauctiy of info for the Gulf, hence my contacting this forum.

Last modified: 15-Jul-2005

Sutherland Maciver

160 Rullion Road
EH26 9JB

Phone (h): 01968 672203
Phone (w): 0131 650 3714
Phone (m): 07634710103
Fax: 0131 650 3714

I have been diving since 1986 (with a 15 year gap) but have always had a great interest in nature from summers looking in rockpools. I now have a digital camera with housing and have been annoying my buddies by attempting to photograph the entire seabed. I am especially interested in nudibranchs, of course!
I teach biochemistry to medical students.

Last modified: 26-Jun-2007

Carlo Magenta Cunha

Museu de Zoologia da Universidade de São Paulo
Cx. Postal 42494
04299-970, São Paulo, SP


I´m marine biologist. My research interest Opisthobranchia from Atlantic. Concerning taxonomy, distribution and phylogeny.

Last modified: 20-Mar-2006

Cristian Magnani

Via Eulero 2B
47042 Cesenatico FC


I am an avid diver interested in all nudibranchs but especially in the ones from the Mediterranean and the Adriatic Sea.

Last modified: 09-May-2006

Lisa Malachowsky


I am a PADI AI and amateur videographer. There are too many oceans and not enough days to dive them! I am a nudibranch lover who got turned onto them by Mike Severns and Pauline Fiene in Hawaii. I travel whenever I can and most enjoy two places: my backyard in Monterey, CA and Indonesia.

Manuel Malaquias

Natural History Museum
Mollusca Research Group, Department of Zoology
Cromwell Road, SW7 5BD, London, United Kingdom

Phone (w): 00-44-(0)2079425949 or (0)2079425774
Fax: 00-44-(0)2079425054

I am undertaking a project on the systematics and evolutionary history of the cephalaspidean genus Bulla. I have a general interest in Cephalaspidea systematics and phylogeny, with particular emphasis in the "Bulloidea" (Bulla, Haminoea, Atys, etc.).

Last modified: 26-Jul-2005

Nathalie & Benoit Mansuy



We started diving 3 years ago, and we attend biology classes with our diving club. We have now discovered sea slugs and they, (with seahorses), are now our main target when we are under the sea!

Dr. Hugo Marguerite

L'Houëzel - Dampierre

Phone (h): 0590489424

I'm a French vet interested in aquariophily since 20 years. My interest in slugs comes from a strange encounter: see on my other site:
I've been living in the French West Indies since 1993 and love scuba diving, photography & my tanks.

See you all on my sites, despite they're in French... ;o)

Last modified: 04-Dec-2006

Alexander Taborda Marin


I´m marine biologist graduate at Jorge Tadeo Lozano University in Colombia. My research interest nudibranch´s (tropical species)include taxonomy, distribution and phylogeny. I would like to know about their uses in medicine, biotechnology and natural products chemistry.
Alexander Taborda Marin

Julie Marshall

20 Riverside Road,
Vic. 3079


I have been diving, photographing and collecting opisthobranchs, mainly at Heron Island on the Great Barrier Reef, since 1983. In 1999 I published a book on Heron Island opisthobranchs with Richard Willan which described 262 species from Heron and Wistari Reefs [J.G. Marshall & R. C. Willan
Nudibranchs of Heron Island, Great Barrier Reef ]. Since the book was published I have found another thirty-two species bringing the total to 294 species for this area (March 2005).

Last modified: 02-Aug-2005

Alexander Martynov

Zoological Museum of Moscow State University
Bolshaya Nikitskaya Str. 6
Moscow 103009


My main field of interest is Opisthobranch systematics and phylogeny. I am a Scientific Researcher. My Ph.D. thesis (1999) was titled "Fauna of the nudibranch molluscs of NW part of the Japan Sea (with remarks on the order Nudibranchia)". Principal regions of study are NW Pacific, Arctic and Antarctic, as well as Black Sea.

I am working on the Opisthobranch collections in the Zoological Museum, Moscow State University and in the Zoological Institute, St. Petersburg.

Last modified: 23-Jul-2005

Riaan Marx

Johannesburg, South Africa



I have a B.Sc. Computer science and Electronic enginering subjects. Currently I am a Technical software support engineer for Microsoft for the sub-Saharah Africa reagion (MEA) specialising in SQL Server, IIS (Web server) and the development products (Visual Basic, Visual C++, C# etc.). I started diving in 1993 and started taking photos as reminders and to show my wife the wonders of the underwater world. Nudibranchs and sharks are my favourite subjects and have dived with all the major South African shark species except the Great white and the Hammerhead. I am also very interrested in the technical side of diving: decompression theory and the models used in this. Electronics is my other hobby.

Rainer Mau & Dr. Rosie Fechner-Mau

Gehrden 13
21635 Jork

Phone (h): +49 4162 6441
Fax: +49 4162 911764

We are underwater addicts, diving for more than 30 years now, performing underwater photography since 1975.
Interests: Marine biology, mainly fishes and Nudibranchs, own tropical fish identification book under preparation, on nudies to follow soon (hopefully).
If time/budget permits, we are diving in/around north-east coast of Bali, Maldives and Micronesia.

Rainer Mau

Guillaume May

Marseille (France)


I am student in aquariology. I do an experiment on Berghia verrucicornis. I dive since 2001 (level 2 CMAS). And so i am really interested in sea slugs, in particular mediterranean sea slugs.

Last modified: 16-Jun-2007

Elissa Mayo

Monarch Beach, California, USA


Employer: Assistant Laboratory Director
Dept. of Justice Crime Lab, Riverside

Background: Biology

Interests: Underwater photography, especially invertebrates, SCUBA and travel

Last modified: 30-Sep-2005

Gary McDonald

Long Marnie Lab,
100 Shaffer Rd.,
Santa Cruz, CA 95060 USA


I've been studying nudibranch since 1967. My areas of interest are systematics, nomenclature, and food preferences.

My nudibranch bibliography is available at:

My nudibranch food list is available at:

My systematic list/index to my reprint collection

My list of species cited in Zoological Record is available at:

Last modified: 15-Jul-2005

Jeanette McInnes

PO Box 179
Queensland 4870


I am a dive instructor and nudibranch fancier living in Cairns, Queensland. I love reading your internet info in the Sea Slug Forum; trying to learn more about local critters.

Regina McLendon

835 26th St
San Diego, CA 92102 USA

Phone (h): 858 344 7910
Phone (w): 858 939 5017
Phone (m): 858 344 7910

I'm a newly certified open water diver and have fallen in love with nudibranchs mostly due to my wonderful instructor who has opened up a whole new world for me even as a middle-aged person. I'll have lots of questions about the sealife I will come in contact with since I majored in Biology in college. I absolutely love diving and will frequent this site rather often. Thanks for all your support.


Last modified: 08-Jun-2006

Mónica Medina

Postdoctoral research fellow
Department of Invertebrate Zoology and Geology
California Academy of Sciences
Golden Gate Park
San Francisco, CA 94118

Phone (w): (415) 750-7110
Fax: (415) 750-7090

My research focus is on the molecular systematics of heterobranch gastropods. In particular, I am interested in understanding the evolution of homoplasy in opisthobranch gastropods. In the past, I have worked on population genetics of the California sea hare (Aplysia californica) and phylogeny of the genus Aplysia and the order Anaspidea.

Carlos Meirelles

R. José Carneiro da Silveira 15 ap. 1201
CEP. 60190-760 Fortaleza-Ceara-Brazil


Last modified: 01-Feb-2007

Nico Michiels

Animal Evolutionary Ecology
Institute of Zoology
University of Tuebingen
72076 Tuebingen, Germany

Phone (h): +49 7071 639 722
Phone (w): +49 7071 29 74649
Phone (m): +49 49 170 4758003

My main research interest is the evolution of hermaphroditism. Currently, people in my group work on flatworms, earthworms and opisthobranchs, or develop theoretical models. We are particularly happy working with cephalaspid opisthobranchs since here, male and female function are anatomically separated during mating, allowing for precise observations on preferences for each sex role, one of the central themes in our work. See also entries by Nils Anthes.

Last modified: 11-Aug-2005

Paula M. Mikkelsen, Ph.D.

Curator of Malacology
Dept. of Invertebrates
American Museum of Natural History
Central Park West at 79th Street
New York, NY 10024-5192

Phone (w): 212/769-5244
Fax: 212/769-5783

My main opisthobranch interest centers around Cephalaspidea and other shelled groups, including their anatomy, systematics, and phylogenetic relationships. Most of my field work is done in the western Atlantic, mainly in the Florida Keys at present. I am also actively pursuing bivalve systematics and marine molluscan biodiversity studies.

Donald Miles

PO Box 360
Forestville NSW 2087

Phone (w): 9453 1775
Fax: 9453 1775

I own a small company called AUSECO that runs Environmental Education Excursions for Primary school students and Field Studies for High School Science and Geography students. The excursions are curriculum based and are conducted in a number of locations around Sydney. The environments studied include bushland, rainforest, coasts, mangroves and rock platforms. We often observe nudibranchs and other sea slugs on these excursions and find many species that we are unable to identify in books, so the sea slug forum has been very useful.

Last modified: 01-Dec-2005

Sandra Millen

University of British Columbia,
Dept. of Zoology,
6270 University Blvd.,
Vancouver, B.C.,

Phone (w): (604) 822-2087
Fax: (604) 822-2416

I am a lecturer in Marine Biology and Comparative Anatomy. My research has been on the taxonomy and ecology of Opisthobranchs. I have been diving worldwide, but primarily in the eastern Pacific from Alaska to the Strait of Magellan.

Michael D. Miller

4777 Ladner St.
San Diego,
CA 92113-3544

Phone (h): 619-264-1085
Fax: 619-264-1085

Diving for 21 years and photographing underwater about the same. Retired in '95 as a forensic drug chemist and am now actively pursuing my hobbies of nudibranchs and digital imaging. Obsession with branchs lead to establishing The Slug Site in Nov. 95. Have enjoyed every minute of it, diving and corresponding with other branch enthusiasts world wide!

Michael D. Miller

Visit Mike's "The Slug Site":

Glen Miller


Glen Miller and Jackie Hildering are avid divers empassioned by exploring the astounding marine biodiversity of "their own backyard" - the waters of Northern Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. They share their love of the area and cold water diving with other members of the Top Island Econauts Dive Club. Glen is the photographer. Jackie is a biologist and marine educator.

Phanor Montoya-Maya

Instituto de Investigaciones Marina y Costeras-INVEMAR
Santa Marta, Colombia

Phone (w): 4221995

A Marine Biologist and PADI Dive Master who major interest are the opisthobranch mollusks from Colombia. I am planning some research projects to examine species from this region and to evaluate which ones have potential biotechnological uses.

Samuel K. Moore

Associate Editor
IEEE Spectrum Magazine
3 Park Avenue, 17th Fl.
New York, NY 10016-5997

Phone (w): (212) 419-7921
Fax: (212) 419-7570

Samuel K. Moore studied the neurobiology of egg-laying behavior in Aplysia californica for three years. He is now an editor and journalist who writes about electrotechnology, but he still thinks about Aplysia way too much.

Mirta Moraitis

Velavaru Island resort

Phone (m): 009607834822

I am a Marine Biologist and PADI Dive Master.
I studied Sponge feeding Nudibrachs in Bunaken National Park, Indonesia.
At the moment I'm working as Tour guide and Marine biologist in Velavaru Island Resort, Maldives.

Last modified: 28-Nov-2005

Roberto Moresco


Enviromental Marine Science Dept (student)
University of Genova
I'm a long time diver and underwater photographer. I'm doing my Thesis on Mediterranean Nudibranch, in Acquario di Genova.
I'm looking for culturing and studying development of Hypselodoris tricolor and Peltodoris atromaculata (last name of Discodoris atromaculata).

Dave Morgan



Managing Director of a Auto Glazing company throughout Shropshire, Mid and North Wales and the West Midlands UK. We have to work to pay for our diving. The cost of everything these days is measured in "how many dives is that".
Started diving with my wife Janet in 1998, went through the phase of looking for BIG stuff and in the last 18 months have been turned onto the more Beautiful things in life, this is a result of diving on a regular basis in the Celebes Sea off the East coast of Sabah, Malaysia. Recently (last dive trip July 05) started taking photos with good camera and housing to get those "better shots"....have website to log our photos and travels but it is still under construction as i dont really know what i am doing........

Last modified: 16-Nov-2005

Alaa youssry Moustafa

Zoology Dept.
Faculty of Science, Sohag 82524
South Valley University,


Dear Dr.Bill
Let me inform you that, I am working on sea hares for 5 years now, I have got my M.Sc.on the biology and the chemical defence of sea hares collected from the Red Sea, EGYPT. I hope to continue in the same line in the study of the Doctoral degree.

My study includes:
1- Making a survey of sea hares collected from the Red sea, we identified six species, studied their taxonomic characters, presence, feeding habitat.
2- Detailed study of the anatomy, histology, histochemistry of the reproductive, digestive, nervous systems of Aplysia dactylomela, Dolabrifera dolabrifera also, with TEM and the SEM.
3- determined the LD50 of a crude extract of the digestive gland of the previous species and show its pharmacological characters.
4- isolation of two different algae from the filter chamber (Gyminodinum) from D. dolabrifera and the green algae Oedogonium from A. dactylomela.

Also, we derived some aliphatic terpenes from their digestve glands. I hope to study in my PHD the chemical defence.

Michael Mrutzek



I am self employed and write Articles for magazines and take photos for Marine Books. You can find my articles on my Webpage.

Carlos R. Munda, Jr.

Door 2, Casa Habana, Rizal Street, Davao City, Philippines

Phone (h): (+6382) 297-3021
Phone (w): (+6382) 221-2314
Phone (m): (+6382) 921-773-7654
Fax: (+6382) 221-2314

I am a dive instructor and an avid underwater photographer. I started taking photos about two years ago and my favorite subjects have always been nudibranchs.

Last modified: 20-Jul-2007

Thaddeus Murdoch

Bermuda Biodiversity Project
Bermuda Zoological Society
P.O. Box FL 145, Flatts FL BX, BERMUDA

Phone (w): Tel: 441 293 2727 x144
Fax: Fax: 441 293 6451

I am a marine scientist enrolled for a PhD, specializing in coral reef ecology.

Currently Principal Investigator on the Bermuda Reef Ecosystem Assessment and Mapping initiative of the Bermuda Biodiversity Project. We are mapping and assessing benthic habitats across the Bermuda reef platform.

Last modified: 21-Apr-2007

Brent David Murdoch

3 Le Souef Drive
Kardinya, Perth WA
Western Australia

Phone (h): 08 9331 5993
Phone (w): 08 9176 8449
Phone (m): 0407 747 075
Fax: 08 6210 1349

I am a keen diver who enjoys the challenge of mastering underwater photography.

Last modified: 08-Feb-2007

Rachel Murphy

University of Queensland
Centre for Immunology and Cancer Research
Level 4 R wing Bldg 1
Princess Alexandra Hospital QLD 4102


Nudibranch enthusiast. scuba diver. research particularly genetics and molecular biology.

Last modified: 22-Jul-2005

Mike Neubig



Just a boy and his camera

Last modified: 20-Feb-2006

Sue Newson

PO Box 220
Vincentia, NSW 2540

Phone (m): 0414 787281

Scuba diving in Jervis Bay since 1999. Keen UW naturalist & photographer of local area.

Last modified: 03-Aug-2005

Andrew Newton

339 Myers Street
East Geelong
VIC 3219

Phone (m): 0438 218960

Medical photographer.
Keen diver and underwater photographer, mostly in sub-temperate Port Phillip Bay.

Last modified: 29-Oct-2007

Amy Nichols

University of California, Los Angeles
Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Los Angeles, CA 90095

Phone (w): 310-206-7685

Graduate student at the University of California, Los Angeles studying chemical communication in the marine environment. I have ~5 yrs. experience investigating Aplysia californica and Aplysia brasiliana reproductive behavior and maintaining these animals in small, closed recirculating systems.

Last modified: 10-Feb-2006

Matan Ninio



Diving enthusiast, Phd student of computational biology (working on phylogeny), and manager of an Israeli sea-slug forum.

Last modified: 21-Jul-2005

Sabine Noack



Enthusiastic diver and digital uw-photographer, fascinated by nudibranchs and other marine creatures.

Judith Oakley

c/o MarLIN, Marine Biological Association, The Laboratory, Citadel Hill, PLymouth, UK


I am a keen diver and rockpooler. I also enjoy macro photography. I have a keen interest in sea slugs and sea squirts, but also syngnathids. I have recently been helping with marina surveys for alien species, and take the opportunity to find sea slugs also! I write species descriptions for the MarLIN website (including sea slugs) and also contribute my photographs.

Last modified: 08-Aug-2005

Colin Ogden

P O Box 1546
Sodwana Bay
South Africa

Phone (m): 0832529448

I own a dive training and charter operation at Sodwana Bay, South Africa. I have become fascinated by the variety of nudibranchs here, and take my camera with me on allmost every dive, just in case we find one I haven't seen before.
A group of us here are trying to prepare for a publication on the nudibranchs of Sodwana Bay, and our count is now well over 100.

Last modified: 21-Jul-2005

Jo O'Keefe

30 Gate 3
Carolina Shores, NC 28467

Phone (h): 9105790655

I have been collecting shells for decades. Within the past three years I have focused on other marine life. Last summer I went on a fishing trawler 19 times, saving numerous animals for aquaria in both North and South Carolina. Researchers in many locations assist me in identifying the animals that I find. I have the added benefit of getting good photos. They can be seen on my website.

Last modified: 28-Jun-2006

Stephane Ores


I'm a CMAS 1* instructor
I enjoy underwater photography, with the purpose of learning and recognizing what I shot

Most of my dives are in Mediterranean sea, in Brittany (Atlantic ocean and English channel) in indian ocean and in Red Sea, in Caribbean, in southeast asian Pacific

Last modified: 29-Oct-2007

Nick Osborne

National Centre for Environmental Toxicology and Dept Social and Preventive Medicine,
University of Queensland


I am currently a PhD student working on the toxicity of Lyngbya majuscula in SE Queensland where we have quite large blooms and so am interested in sea hares. They always catch my eye when I'm diving.

Vinicius Padula

Departamento de Biologia Marinha
Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro
Ilha do Fundão 21941-590
Rio de Janeiro, RJ

Phone (m): (+55 21) 8154897

A researcher on the Brazilian opisthobranch fauna.

Last modified: 30-May-2006

J.R. Pahlano Daud

Amakusa Marine Biological Laboratory, Kyushu University - JAPAN

Phone (w): Phone (w): +81969350003
Phone (m): Phone (m): +818056099747
Fax: Fax: +81969352413
Email: Email:

PhD Student in Marine Biology at AMBL Kyushu University,
Master Diver SSI-Scientific Diver CMAS,
Staff member of Marine Ecotourism Dept.,Manado State Polytechnic. Indonesia

Research about coral reef ecology and interest in taxonomy of marine organism include seaslugs and nudibranchs since they varied in morphology.

Last modified: 03-Apr-2007

Grace N. Palmos

College of Marine Science
Gyeongsang National University
445, Inpyeong-dong, Tongyeong, Gyeongsangnamdo 650-160
South Korea

Phone (w): +82-55-640-3173
Fax: +82-55-648-2038

MS Seafood Bioscience and Technology student in Gyeongsang National University. Originally from the Philippines. A neophyte nudibrancher eager to learn from the experts.

Last modified: 04-Dec-2006

Roeland Papen

2367 West Gate Drive
Pittsburgh, PA 15237

Phone (h): +1 412 548 3031

I took my first nudibranch picture (an Elysia viridis ) 30 years ago in a small plastic aquarium. During my studies as a Marine Biologist I found out quickly how drab these colorful animals become when kept in formaldehyde so I learned how to dive and take underwater images.
Today I enjoy the seaslugforum website to help me identify the nudibranchs I photograph during my dives and keep up on the changing taxonomy.

I have a masters in Marine Biology from the University Ghent, Belgium.

Last modified: 03-Jan-2007

Carle Parkhill


I live on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland [Australia].
I have a great passion for photographing our underwater wonders, my camera I use is a Nikon F90X in a subal housing with dual strobes, I use a 105 macro 18/35 wide angle 35/70.

Des Paroz

Fax: 02 94750184

Looking through the Participants List, I realised that many of the members of this forum are extremely knowledgeable researchers into nudibranchs and related species.

I'm not, I'm simply a diver who likes looking at and taking photos of nudibranchs, and wanting to gain a better understanding of these interesting little creatures.

I'm a PADI Master Instructor, and a DAN Oxygen Instructor. I dive mostly around the Wollongong and Bass Point areas, as well as the southern side of Sydney. I dive anywhere else I can when I get the chance.

Look forward to learning a little more about nudibranchs from Bill and the other participants. Congratulations to Bill on an excellent resource.

Chris Peacock



FISHKEEPING EXPERIENCE: 20 years pond, 3 years tropicals, 1 month marines
TANK: Sevenoaks Tropical Marine MicroReef 2 (83 litres, 18 UK gallons, 22 US gallons) with mangrove refugium incorporating Deep Sand Bed
REEFS VISITED (snorkelling): Jamaica, Mahe & Praslin (Seychelles), Phuket (Thailand), Fiji, Tahiti & Moorea & Rangiroa (French Polynesia)

Francis et Pirjo Pellet



Francis and Pirjo are living in south of France. Since we met J-Pierre Bielecki , we are "seaslug divers". We are taking underwater pictures since last September. I use Coolpix 5000 digital camera in Subal housing.

Brian K. Penney

Biology Department
Saint Anselm College
100 Saint Anselm Drive
Manchester, NH 03102

Phone (h): 603 529-6726
Phone (w): 603 641-7149
Phone (m): 603 529-6726
Fax: 603 222-4012

I am an Assistant Professor at a small school in the Northeastern US. I did my Ph.D. work on defense mechanisms and prey relations of Northeastern Pacific cryptobranchiate dorids, and am currently working on defenses of Northwestern Atlantic aeolids.

Last modified: 23-Jul-2005

Eva Philipp

Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research


I work on my diploma thesis about arctic pteropods. In particular I am looking at the effect of UV- light on Pteropoda and Polyplacophora in the Kongsfjord (Svalbard), I will measure antioxidants and UV absorbing pigments

I´m interested about information about arctic pteropods in general and about their behavior, if they have a vertical migration or not. I´m specially interested about the species Clione limacina and Spiratella helicina.

Bernard Picton

Department of Zoology
Ulster Museum
Botanic Gardens
Northern Ireland

Phone (w): +44 28 9038 3148
Fax: +44 28 9038 3103

I am curator of marine invertebrates in the Department of Zoology. I have been diving since 1970 and my first love was nudibranchs, encouraged by Tom Thompson at Bristol University.

I now manage all the marine invertebrate collections in the Ulster Museum, but have a particular interest in most of the groups which nudibranchs eat, ie. sponges, hydroids, sea anemones and sea squirts. Our collections are mostly from Ireland and the North-East Atlantic.

Last modified: 05-Aug-2005

Cory Pittman

P.O. Box 23
Washington, WA 99012


Although based in Washington state, I've been going to Maui, Hawaii once or twice a year since 1978 to help with coral reef ecology classes. I have broad interests in marine ecology but Opisthobranchs have always been one of my favorite groups. For the last eight years I've been doing an extensive survey of Maui Opisthobranchs with particular emphasis on Cephalaspideans and Sacoglossans.

Brian Plankis

5007 Avenue U
Texas A&M University at Galveston
Department of Marine Biology
Galveston, TX 77551

Phone (h): 281-703-5877
Phone (w): 409-741-7176

BS degree in Environmental Science and I work for a marine biology research lab that focuses on marine mammals.

I keep a SW reef tank with the goal of having as many environmentally friendly choices as possible. I recently became interested in nudibranches when I found two hitchhiking on my aquacultured live rock.

Last modified: 09-Aug-2005

Marina Poddubetskaia Ossokine

9 rue Magnificat
33200 Bordeaux


I discovered nudibranchs in 1997 from books. I started to dive in 2000 and to photograph them in 2002. Since then, I became completely addicted and dived in many countries all over the world to see and photograph sea slugs.

My main interest is in the taxonomy and biodiversity.
I'm associated to MNHN, National History Museum of Paris, and more precisely to the team of Philippe Bouchet. Within this context I took part in several missions and international biodiversity expeditions.

In 2002 I created NEMBRO website about sea slugs and flatworms :

Since 2004 I live in Bordeaux and I dive regularly in Arcachon Basin, on the Atlantic coast of France. My aim is to make an exhaustive inventory of the sea slugs and flatworms species present in this place, where the biodiversity is beyond all expectations :

Last modified: 23-Aug-2005

Miquel Pontes


My name is Miquel Pontes and I'm a computer engineer which discovered scuba diving back in 1994.

I have been interested on photographing marine fauna since the very first day, and now I have a pretty big collection of pictures on Mediterranean fauna but also from other seas, as I have travelled a lot.

Now I'm the editor of M@re Nostrum (, a non-profit project I have run since 1996, where we publish everything related to the sea, its creatures and their protection, because the discovery of the sea by the men is mostly destructive.

Most of our contents are in Spanish, but we also happily publish articles in English and Catalan.
Miquel Pontes

Guido T. Poppe

Conchology, Inc.
Cebu Light Industrial Park
Basak, Lapu-lapu City
Cebu 6015


Conchologist, author of books on shells, as a hobby underwater photography. General interest in all marine life - love to be surprised by nature. For more see

Last modified: 08-Apr-2006

Bruce Potter

Karalundi Aboriginal Education Centre
Private Mail Bag 6
Western Australia

Phone (h): (08) 9981 2270
Phone (w): (08) 9981 2000
Phone (m): 0407 630 454
Fax: (08) 9981 2801

Both my wife and I are keen Nudibranch hunters.
After spending 17 years in PNG and Solomon Islands, we are now located in the desert in Western Australia. I am Finance Controller of an Aboriginal Education Centre, while my wife teaches here.

Last modified: 29-Oct-2007

Steve Powell

Kings Road, St Peter Port,
Guernsey, GY1 1QD.
United Kingdom

Phone (h): (0)1481 713358

I am a retired public company CEO and engineer. I now spend my time diving and taking u/w pictures for pleasure and profit. I am particularly interested in finding and photographing small and unusual marine creatures. I have had many images published in marine creature and diving guide books and Dive Magazines. I have an extensive portfolio of images.

Rachel Przeslawski

Department of Biological Sciences, University of Wollongong,
Northfields Ave,
Wollongong, NSW 2525

I am a postgraduate research student working on the effects of ultraviolet radiation on molluscan egg masses. I'm hoping to find protection against UVR amongst some molluscs that lay their masses in exposed areas. During the course of my research, I've been collecting a broad range of intertidal molluscan egg masses including those of the oh-so-cute sea slugs.

Carlos C. Ramos Mantecon

Carrizal 905 F-1
Bahias de Huatulco, Oaxaca


I've found your website very interesting and informative. I don't have experience or wide knowledge about slugs, but I have observed many different species right here, in Huatulco, State of Oaxaca, South Pacific of MEXICO.

Colin Redfern

7475 Estrella Circle
Boca Raton, FL 33433

Phone (h): (561) 488-7968

Author of Bahamian Seashells: A Thousand Species from Abaco, Bahamas.

Last modified: 03-Aug-2005

Jordi Regàs


I work as journalist and dive since the year 2000. I'm also an active member at the CIB, the Diving Club of the Biology Faculty at the Barcelona University. Last year, 2006, I finally took the expensive decision to get an underwater camera. Now I've been taking pictures for several time and think they could help other people to classify the sea slugs they observe. At least that's what I've been doing all this past years, seeking advice at the forum trying to match a concrete nudi I had seen.

Last modified: 29-Oct-2007

Francesco Ricciardi

Dept. of Biology, Padova University (Italy)


Marine biologist from University of Padova.
Research topics: ecotoxicology, coral reef fish ecology & biodiversity.

Last modified: 26-Oct-2006

Ana Maria Rodrigues

Departamento de Biologia
Universidade de Aveiro
Campus Universitario de Santiago
3810-193 Aveiro

Phone (w): + 351 234 370769

I'm a zoology teacher and I work on benthic ecology (macroinvertebrates). Besides other projects I'm now working with other colleagues on a guide for the fauna and flora of the Portuguese northern shores

Last modified: 03-Aug-2005

Cary Rogers

Department of Biological Science
University of Wollongong
NSW 2522, Australia


My interest in sea slugs began when I first encountered them while learning to scuba dive as a teenager. Since then I have pursued a career in Marine Biology. My doctoral studies investigated the ecology of sea hares, specifically the costs and benefits to their fitness of feeding on chemically defended seaweeds. A particularly interesting part of this work was testing the long held belief that nothing eats sea hares. This was not the case for Aplysia parvula, many of which were consumed by fishes during experiments. My broader research interests include the ecology of marine molluscs and the role they play in temperate reef communities. Currently I am involved in the search for new antibiotics from marine molluscs as part of the marine bioprospecting initiative at the University of Wollongong.

Irina S. Roginskaya

P.P.Shirshov Institute of Oceanology of Russian Academy of Sciences.
Laboratory of Bottom Fauna of the Ocean.
Nakhimovsky Prospect 36, II7218,
Moscow, Russia


Senior Scientific Researcher, Candidate of Biological Sciences. Interests: 1. Nudibranchia, mainly of Arctic seas. 2. Possible influence of the Earth rotation on vital activity of some marine invertebrates (Archimedean spirals of animal origin), not only those produced by opisthobranchs. 3. Nudibranchia in the fouling communities.

Hugh Ross

4551 N 52nd Place
Phoenix, Arizona
AZ 85018 USA

Phone (w): 317-417-1400
Phone (m): 317-417-1400
Fax: 602-956-5326
URL: 2.html

Avid diver and photographer with a love or mollusks and worms.

Last modified: 21-Apr-2007

Greg Rothschild

Phone (h): 818 508-4781

Reef aquarium owner, photographer- nature lover!

Last modified: 30-May-2006

Charles Rowe

19, Ferndale Road, Humewood,
Port Elizabeth. 6001
South Africa



I have only been diving for 3 years but am a very keen photographer particularly nudis! With Bill's help I have been able to create an identifying sheet for the Algoa Bay area in South Africa where I live. Unfortunately I still have about 100 to go!

Last modified: 22-Jul-2005

Mary E. Rumpho

Dept. of Biochem., Micro. & Mol. Biol.
5735 Hitchner Hall
University of Maine
Orono, ME 04469

Phone (w): 207-581-2806
Fax: 207-581-2801

Research on Elysia chlorotica / Vaucheria litorea kleptoplasty.

Last modified: 16-Feb-2006

Jose Victor [Jovic] Santos

Splash Photography
2/F Aquaventure House, 7805 Mayapis corner St. Paul Streets,
San Antonio Village, Makati City, Metro Manila
(632) 899-2831 mobile # (63) 917 5259639

Phone (w): +632 8992831
Phone (m): +639175259639
Fax: +6328992831

Photographer Hobbyist and Owner of Splash Photography an Underwater Photo/Video Store in Makati City, Metro Manila, Philippines.

Last modified: 29-Oct-2007

Erik Schloegl

School of Finance and Economics
University of Technology,
Sydney, NSW,


An underwater photographer since the last dive of my first open water course (I actually bought a Nikonos V before getting my own dive gear!), I quickly became an avid (photographic) collector of ophistobranchs. In the beginning it was mainly because these are (often) colourful animals which don't swim away when you try to take their picture (though I had a nudibranch run fast enough to get away under a coral when I was rather narc'ed on my first 40m dive), but my interest quickly grew to encompass all aspects of opisthobranch zoology.

I am president of the Underwater Research Group of New South Wales [], where I'm infamous for my focus on nudibranchs. And when I'm not diving I lecture in finance at the University of Technology, Sydney.

Dirk Schories

Institute for Aquatic Ecology
University of Rostock

Phone (w): +49 (0) 381 4986087
Phone (m): +49 (0)160 99791453
Fax: +49 (0)381 4986072

Marine biologist with extended field experience in the Antarctic and South America (Chile, Peru and Brazil). Project position within the aim of the Water Framework Directive WFD at the University of Rostock. Several websites about marine wildlife of the regions mentioned above as well as Kamchatka (Russia) and the Baltic Sea.

Last modified: 31-Aug-2005

Michael Schroedl

Curator of Mollusks
Zoologische Staatssammlung Muenchen
Muenchhausenstr. 21
81247 Muenchen,

Phone (h): 0049-89-5902395
Phone (w): 0049 - (0)89 - 8107142
Fax: 0049 - (0)89 - 8107300

Interested in any aspect of opisthobranch systematics. At present finishing a revision of Chilean and Magellanic/Subantarctic nudibranchs, and working on a book on Antarctic molluscs.
Further interests: Mediterranean and Red Sea opisthobranchs, interstitial gastropods, taxonomy/phylogeny of splanchnotrophid copepods and interactions with their opisthobranch hosts; diving for 25+ years.

Theresia Schwinghammer

1295 w 1100 s
Ferdinand IN 47532


Last modified: 20-Jul-2007

Matt Segal


Last modified: 28-Sep-2005


BP 261 Kaweni
97600 Mamoudzou


Marine Consultant
Author of marine guides to young people

Last modified: 06-Dec-2005

Wolfgang Seifarth

Dr. Wolfgang Seifarth
Medical Clinic III,
Faculty of Medicine Mannheim,
University Heidelberg
Wiesbadener Strasse 7-11,
D-68305 Mannheim,

Phone (w): 49 621 383 4103
Fax: 49 621 383 4201

I've been diving since 1991. As a keen biologist I have been interested in
photographing and collecting information on all marine invertebrates. After
a while I got more and more fascinated by the diversity and beauty of slugs
and flatworms.

Visit the Marine Flatworm Page at
If you have any flatworm photo, I will be glad to present it for you on the WEB!

Thanks in advance
Looking forward to hearing from you


Paul Selwood

NSW, Australia


I'm a PADI Divemaster. I have an interest in all things underwater and have recently started taking underwater pictures, I like Nudis because of the colour and variety .... and they don't move too quick! ;) My website is designed to show off my photos I’ve taken while diving, mostly around New South Wales in Australia and in Particular around Sydney where I live.

Aloysia Murni Shintosari

Museum Zoologicum Bogoriense
Cibinong, Jawa Barat


I am a new staff member at the Museum Zoologicum Bogoriense in the Malacology Laboratory. Right now I am studying the nudibranchs.

João Pedro Tojal Loia Soares Silva

R. de Timor, 13, 1º
1170-371 Lisboa


Web programmer and photography hobbyist. Nudibranchs and sea hares are (by far) my favorite subjects.

Last modified: 28-Jul-2005

Paul Sim

Maple Ridge, BC

Phone (h): 604-460-0225

My wife Lily and I are avid cold water divers of seven years now and I have been getting photo's first with a Bonica Multi and more recently with a Nikonos-V. I have a personal database of about 3000 underwater images. I aspire to create a website to entice more divers to share our very fine diving here in the Pacific Northwest. Love the nudies!

Christian Skauge

Etterstadsletta 4 G

Phone (h): +47-94833283
Phone (w): +47-33050568
Phone (m): +47-94833283
Fax: +47-33050598

I am a diver and U/W photographer, diving since 1996 and photographing since 2003. Special interests are macro and marine biology, especially nudibranchs. Nikon D200, Inon Z-240 strobes, Nexus underwater housing.

I have done the CMAS Marine Biology Instructor course in 2005, under supervision of Astrid Woll, Jon Fuglestad and Harald Fosshagen.

I work as an editor for the norwegian dive magazine Dykking, and also run my own website, I am working on getting up and running; it will contain (more or less) complete marine species lists for Norway and Northern Europe.

Last modified: 11-May-2007

Marko Sladovich

Slabidanovo ploshad 47 stroenie 34

Phone (w): +63849982847829
Fax: +63849982847829

Hi. Beautiful content and website design. Sorry for my english. I am from albania.

Last modified: 23-Mar-2006

Charles L. Smart

Department of Geology and Meteorology
Kean University
1000 Morris Avenue
Union, New Jersey 07083

Phone (h): 732-846-1653
Phone (w): 908-737-3690
Phone (m): 908-616-5587

Last modified: 12-Jan-2006

Gordon T. Smith



Diving since 1986, very keen on macrophotography in particular nudibranchs. Lived for seven years in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia and spent a lot of time underwater in the Red Sea. Currently based in Dubai, UAE and diving frequently in Oman.

Roberto Sozzani

Milano, Italy


After a trip to Alor (Indonesia) in Februry 2001 I became very interested in nudibranchs and macro photography. I've been in Indonesia several times since then and collected thousand of photos. I'm planning to make a separate section in my website dedicated to sea slugs, now that I've collected a good number of photos of them.

Last modified: 22-Jul-2005

Keoki Stender

Waimanalo, Hawaii


I've been involved with ocean my entire life as a surfer, diver, and photographer, and I've been lucky enough to work in recreational scuba, marine monitoring, research, and education since 1984. My favorite place to dive is Midway Atoll and the Northwest Hawaiian Islands. I was manager of Midway Sport Diving in 1999-2000 and participated in two ecological surveys of the NWHI archipelago.

Robin E. Stobbs

1 Grant Street
South Africa 6139

Phone (h): +27 (0)46 6226592

Long interest (non-professional!) in nudibranchs and previously submitted photographs to Bill Rudman and Terry Gosliner.

Elizabeth Summer

Horticultural Sciences Dept
Texas A&M University
College Station,
Texas, USA


I am a chloroplast molecular biologist in the lab of Dr. Mary Rumpho at Texas A&M University. We are studying the genetic and biochemical basis for the unusual longevity of chloroplast activity in Elysia chlorotica.

Richard Swann

259 The Peak
Signal Hill
Tanjung Lipat
Kota Kinabalu
Sabah Malaysian Borneo

Phone (h): +6 088 266 935
Phone (m): +6 012 866 1935

I am a Master Instructor and along with my wife the owner Manager of the Downbelow dive School in the UK we have been working full time in the diving industry for around 15 years. I have traveled extensively and been fortunate to dive some of the worlds most wonderful locations.

Since my love affair with diving began i have been studying Oceanography and Marine biology along with specializing in underwater photography. I now reside in Sabah with my wife Joanne where we are focusing on our local marine life, i consider myself a very lucky man.

A big thanks to Bill for all his dedication and hard work, participating in this fantastic forum is a pleasure and i hope my posts will be of interest and help us find out a little more about the fascinating world of Sea Slugs.

To find out more about us and Sabah please visit our website

Best regards

Last modified: 20-Jul-2007

Mick Tait

Port Kennedy (Rockingham)
Western Australia

Phone (m): 0401 416 661

I am a very keen diver who is entering into the area of amateur underwater photography. I have become very interested in photographing Nudibranchs. As a consequence, I am also interested in correctly identifying the species that I find. I'm very happy to go diving with others with similar interest.

Last modified: 21-Jul-2005

Nonoy Tan

292 Jose Abad Santos St.,
Little Baguio, San Juan,
Metro Manila 1500,


I love nudibranchs and enjoy taking their photographs. I have placed some of these images in my website Everyone is invited to visit!

Last modified: 22-Jul-2005

Michelle Tay & Jeffree Shahrizal

c/o Eco-Divers
Tekek/Air Batang
Tioman Island

Phone (h): +6013-6022640

PADI Instructor couple who l-o-v-e nudibranch. Originally from Kuala Lumpur, gave up the city life and have been living and diving on Tioman for past five years.

Last modified: 15-Jul-2005

Drew Taylor

PO Box 934
Exmouth, WA 6707

Phone (h): 04 09994927

I have been diving since 1993 and have taken up photography in the last 2 years. I abosolutely love nudibranchs and make it my mission on most dives to go out and find as many different species I can.

Kåre Telnes

Sagplassveien 89
7054 Ranheim

Phone (h): +47 73574374
Phone (w): +47 74862000
Phone (m): +47 41558334

I am a amateur scuba diver and photographer enjoying to watch and take images of the wild life as I dive. Most dives are done in Norway, and I have made a collection of my images at which I maintain on a regular basis.

I am not a biologist of profession. I have a PhD in Cybernetics and are currently employed at a Norwegian oil company.

Last modified: 02-Aug-2005

Lowell A Thomson

PO Box 69407
Seattle, WA 98168

Phone (h): 253-218-8899
Phone (m): 253-218-8899

Diver since September 2005

Almost all of my dives are in Puget Sound.

Started photography in May, 2006.

I teach high school science, including biology, so I use my photographs for teaching.

I am a REEF Level 5 Surveyor for the Pacific Northwest. I am also a member of the Pacific Northwest Advanced Assessment Team for REEF. One of our current projects is the assessment and removal of invasive Ciona savignyi.

Last modified: 04-Dec-2006

Vincent Tomeno

5 rue Barrault
75013 PARIS


I've been diving since 1994, and quite immediately started underwater photography. I have a Nikonos V with a 35mm lens, so it's difficult for me to get nudibranches. A friend lent me once his macro lens, but I found it difficult to use, since you have to choose to make a macro photo dive OR a normal photo dive (it takes a least 5 minutes to adapt the macro system on the 35mm lens).
If somebody has a solution, please contact me...

Stephen Trainor


I've been a keen scuba diver since 1997 and in the last year have taken up underwater videography. Diving locations tend to be tropical - Indonesia being a favourite at the moment.

Last modified: 24-Aug-2006

George A. Trommelen

C/o Zwartsluisstraat 26
2541 CW Den Haag


Dive instructor with a Ph. D. in Marine Sciences specialty in Biology

For Dissertation information please mail


Last modified: 21-May-2006

Cynthia Trowbridge

POB 1995
Newport, OR 97365


I am a free-lance marine ecologist. I teach undergraduate and graduate courses (Invertebrates, Phycology, Marine Ecology) at Oregon State University, University of Oregon, and other institutions. I give training sessions for Oregon CoastWatch and Oregon State Parks; I assist folks identify the plants and animals that live on Oregon shores and wash up on our beaches.

My research interests include marine herbivore-plant interactions, chemical ecology, introduced species, biodiversity patterns on rocky shores, community ecology, opisthobranch ecology, and algal ecology. I currently do field work in Japan (Okinawa and Honshu) and the British Isles (Ireland, England, and the Channel Islands).

Last modified: 01-Feb-2007

Ken Tucker

16904 Kennedy Road
Los Gatos, CA, USA 95032

Phone (h): 408.358.1544

Underwater Photographer with a strong interest in sea slugs. I have a web site of Underwater photos, though it's almost two years out of date, and missing a few hundred species of sea life, particularly those photographed during 7 weeks in Indonesia.

I've photographs of 100 identified sea slug species, and am working to update my site to reflect the new material.

Last modified: 01-Feb-2007

Umut Tural


I'm a postgraduate student & researching diversity of opisthobranchs species in Saros Gulf North Aegean Sea, Turkey. I'm a PADI OWSI & EFR Instructor and have been diving since 1997. I'm interested in biology of opisthobranchs & all kinds of life forms in the sea.

Last modified: 03-Feb-2006

Kerem Turker

Phone (h): +905326719181
Phone (w): +902328501263
Phone (m): +905326719181

Diving since 1998
CMAS 1* Instructor

Like to travel a lot for diving and taking pictures

Living in Izmir Turkey

Last modified: 20-Jul-2007

Ant Turkmen

4. Cadde, 16/5
Emek 06510 Ankara


I am a PhD student at Hacettepe University, Dept. of Biology. I am studying on the taxonomy and distribution of Opisthobranch species of Fethiye Bay at the Mediterranaen coast of Turkey. I am also working as a marine ecologist for an international crude oil pipeline project.

Everett M.Turner Jr.

64 Scugog Street
Bowmanville Ontario
Canada L1C3J1

Phone (h): 905 623 6841 or 905 623 7599
Phone (w): 905 623 4012
Phone (m): 905 442 1374
Fax: 905 623 6841

Veterinarian since 1977
Diver since 1987, almost 1300 dives to date. Most of diving is in Caribbean. Dive buddy is my wife of 33 years, Essi Evans. We always dive together and share our adventures together. We are avid fish and critter watchers. The smaller the better!

Interest in underwater photography almost since beginning diving. Interest really took off with the advances in digital cameras.

Last modified: 21-Feb-2007

Stef Van Uffel

Overheide 63
2870 Puurs


I'm a small animal veterinarian with a passion for diving and underwater photo and video.

Last modified: 06-Dec-2006

Huan Ung

Global Satria Group
TB2971 SEDCO Light Industrial Estate
Mile 3, Apas Road, Tawau
91000 Sabah

Phone (h): +6088382129
Phone (w): +6089912633
Phone (m): +60198615377
Fax: +6089915633

I am a marine biologist currently working as the Chief Technology Officer of Global Satria Group overseeing the Life Science Division that focuses on aquaculture and marine biotechnology. I am in charge of a team of over 20 scientists that oversee 500 aquaculture ponds, 7 hatcheries and a biotechnology laboratory. I am also a visiting lecturer at the University of Malaya and a member of the Malaysian Society for Marine Science. Currently, I am also consultant to the ASEAN-Republic of Korea Cooperative Programme on Marine Biotechnology.

Last modified: 25-Feb-2007

Ángel Valdés

Assistant Curator of Mollusks
Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County
900 Exposition Boulevard
Los Angeles,
California 90007

Phone (w): (213) 763 3380
Fax: (213) 746 2999

I am Assistant Curator of Mollusks at the Museum of Natural History of Los Angeles County. The Museum of Natural History of Los Angeles holds one of the largest collections of mollusks in the US, for the most part due to the impressive work of the retiring curator James McLean. Jim will continue working at the museum as an emeritus curator. The opisthobranch collection is small but contains a number of types and historically important specimens from the Panamic region and California. Several opisthobranch workers have been associated to the museum in one way or another, and they left material in the collections. My challenge is to increase the opisthobranch collection and at the same time keep the shell collection well-curated and growing.

*NOTE: Ángel's name should correctly be written Ángel Valdés. Unfortunately if I use accents, umlauts, diacritics etc, which are not used in English, then the name becomes invisible to search engines. If you are searching through the Forum for Ángel's messages search also from Angel Valdes as his name also appears in that anglicised format. This note applies to all other non-English names.

Natasja Vandeperre


Hello, my name is Natasja and I am a very passionate scubadiver!!! I live in Belgium and except for the winter and the holidays I dive every weekend at the Oosterschelde in the Netherlands. And yes, even in these cold, dark waters we often have the pleasure to meet this lovely little creatures called nudibranchs. Unfortunately there is poor information to find in Dutch language. So I decided to start a webpage to put al the nudibranch information on I can possibly find in my own 'simple' words. Many of this information I find on this forum. Although I don't make exact copies and mix it with other information I find, I hope you don't mind too much Bill. As you will see, with every described species there's a link to your website.

Last modified: 01-Feb-2007

Inger Vandyke

Phone (m): 0402 286 437

Freelance photojournalist specialising in oceanic research projects and eco-tourism.

Last modified: 01-Feb-2007

Ron Velarde

City of San Diego
EMTS Laboratory
2392 Kincaid Road
San Diego, California
CA 92101-0811

Phone (w): (619) 758-2331
Fax: (619) 758-2350

I am a benthic invertebrate taxonomist with the City of San Diego.

Drew Villeneuve


I am in middle school with a keen interest in Marine Zoology, especially Nudibranchs and Crustaceans and attend the Acadian Institute of Oceanography every summer in Bar Harbor, Maine. My primary intrest are the Nudibranchs of the Gulf of Maine, my favorite being Onchidoris bilamellata, along with Sea Hares.

Last modified: 20-Jul-2007

Pete Vogt


After spending most of last year with Operation Wallacea, a not-for-profit marine conservation project, in SE Sulawesi, Indonesia, I have been (free) diving Sulawesi and the Nusa Tengara chain to the Timor Sea. Currently biking around New Zealand. I hope to return to marine conservation work at some stage, although I may have to design computer models to earn some more money....

Marli Wakeling

#404-150 West 22nd Street,
North Vancouver, BC V7M3M4

Phone (h): 604 980-7995

I am an underwater photographer based in British Columbia, Canada. I have been fascinated with sea slugs since I began diving in 1994. My travels have taken me to many places in the Caribbean and Indo-Pacific, where I enjoy searching for unusual, small critters.

Last modified: 05-Aug-2005

Lindsay Warren

75 Netherwood Road
London W14 0BP, UK

Phone (h): 44 (0)20 7602 1925

I have been diving since 1975 and developed an early interest in all forms of marine life, particularly mollusca. From 1996-2000 I took part in survey work carried out by Operation Wallacea in the Tukang Besi Archipelago, SE Sulawesi, Indonesia. During this time we began work on building a species list of opisthobranchs to be found in the area and I continue to work on the data and photographs collected during that time. However my photographic interests extend beyond marine to all forms of wildlife and have been able to travel to a number of countries such as South Africa and Madagascar known for their spectacular land-based and airborne wildlife as well as marine.

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Simon and Jill Warwick

Sharow Grange, Sharow,
Ripon, North Yorkshire, HG4 5BN

Both heavily involved in natural history, esp. habitats, ornithology, macrolepidoptera and odonata

Yap Ting Wee



Prefer to be called Wee, started diving in 2003 and fell in love with the underwater world. Love to look out for small critters especially nudibranch. Bought a digital camera and housing in 2005 and has ever since sharing the beauty of the sea with family and friends, influencing some of them to took up scuba diving. Hoping to dive full-time someday.... can't wait for my next trip...

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Corey Whisson

Mollusc Section
Western Australian Museum
Locked Bag 49
Welshpool DC, WA 6986

Phone (w): (08) 9427 2708 Int: + 61 8 9427 2708
Fax: (08) 9427 2882 Int: + 61 8 9427 2882

Technical Officer, Department of Aquatic Zoology (Molluscs)

I have been with the WA Museum's mollusc section for over four years now, and have been developing a knowledge of the Western Australian opisthobranch fauna and surrounding regions. I am also developing diving and photography skills, which is aiding the museum's mollusc collection.

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Tony White

London, UK.


I am a full time underwater photographer contributing to dive/nature magazines worldwide most notably BBC Wildlife Magazine in the UK and Natures Best in USA. My work covers all aspects of underwater photography but always my passion has been for the small creatures that inhabit our Oceans.

Paul Whitehead

91/32 Sukhumvit 53
Bangkok 10110


I am a "keen" UW photographer specializing in UW macro subjects solely in South East Asia where I work and live.

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Les Wilk

Mississauga, Ontario, Canada


Theoretical physicist. Underwater photographer for 25 years. Co-developer/author of the field guide "Fishes of the Caribbean and Adjacent Waters" published by ReefNet Inc.(

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Bruce Wilkie

po box 166
Point Lookout
North Stradbroke Island
Queensland 4183

Phone (h): 07 34153327
Phone (w): 07 34098888

I am a coxswain divemaster, I work full time for the Stradbroke Island Scuba Centre.
I have been diving and driving boats for about 6yrs. I dive the reefs off straddie at least twice a week (if not more).
I have known about nudibranchs for some time. Recently I purchased a camera and housing which has renewed my intrest in the underwater world. I find I have a passion for nudibranchs, I am cataloging everything that I find in my local area.I find this site very helpful in identifing and cross-matching nudibranchs.

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Dr Richard Willan

Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory
GPO Box 4046 Darwin,
Northern Territory, 0801


I am currently Curator of Molluscs at the Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory in Darwin. My research interests include the naming of sea slugs (nomenclature and taxonomy), their distributions (biogeography) and their relationships (phylogeny). I have been studying sea slugs for twenty-five years and have published nearly 70 scientific papers as well as popular books and articles in magazines. I am a diver and have conducted field trips throughout the tropical Pacific Ocean and south east Asia in search of opisthobranchs. My favourite nudibranch is Jason mirabilis and my favourite destination for nudibranchs is Norfolk Island.

Rissa Williams

Investigation & Diagnostic Centres - Wallaceville
Biosecurity New Zealand
Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry

Ward St
Upper Hutt
New Zealand

Phone (w): +64 4 526 5600

I am the marine investigator with Biosecurity NZ, and my role involves investigating reports of new or exotic marine & aquatic species, as well as possible disease outbreaks of marine & aquatic species. This role has led me to the Sea Slug Forum many times as I often get reports from the public regarding sea hares & nudibranchs and their egg masses. I am also a keen SCUBA diver, and love the ocean so it's great to be able to apply my passion at work.

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Nerida Wilson

Scripps Institution of Oceanography, UCSD
9500 Gilman Drive
La Jolla CA, 92093-0202


I am a postdoctoral scholar at Scripps and have a great passion for opisthobranchs. My research interests currently focus on the molecular phylogeny and phylogeography of marine invertebrates, and my main interest group in nudibranchs is the Chromodorididae.

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Steve Winkworth

2/50 Government Rd
Thornton NSW 2322

Phone (h): 0419 789743

Wong Wai-Sin


Hi, I am a post-graduate in Marine Science. I have a great interest in studying marine gastropods especially these beautiful "nudis". I love underwater photography and would love to share my underwater images with other keen divers.

Wai Sin

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Indra Swari Wonowidjojo

Phone (m): +62-811-162599

Started diving 1994 and can't stop diving since.
I bought my dslr housing in 2006 and i absolutely love the combination of diving, searching macro and taking pictures of them.

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Dr. Anthony D. Wright

University of Bonn,
Institute for Pharmaceutical Biology,
Nussallee 6,
Bonn 53115,

Fax: +49 228 733250

I am engaged in research into the chemistry of natural products. I find nudibranchs fascinating animals both to observe and to study chemically. We rarely collect them as to do good chemical analyses we need about 10 gm dry weight of animals and normally we don't find many in any one place, so we leave them alone.

If you or your colleagues ever have any interesting animals that you think might be worthwhile us investigating just let me know.


Xikun Song

Department of Oceanography,
Xiamen University,
Fujian Province, PR China

Phone (h): 8605922187420
Phone (w): 8605922187420
Phone (m): 8613950064921
Fax: 8605922187420

Now, I am a MS student majoring marine biology, what i take great interested in is some aspects of the biology of hydrozoan eating nudibranchs.

My dream is to have a SCUBA system to dive, to make field surveys and take in situ images of live nudibranchs, all through China.

I love sea slugs, but the most important thing is that:
I am young!

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University of Bremen,


I am a student of MSc. Programme of ZMT/ISATEC Univ. of Bremen, Germany. I come from Indonesia. I am interested in studying some aspect of the ecology of Phyllidididae (Nudibranchia) and perhaps use the biochemical compounds it contains in research that will be applied to inhibit settlement and overgrowth of biofouling organisms. I need some discussion about my topic research to get a good result. Perhaps I could also give some information about Nudibranchia in Indonesia.

M. Baki Yokes

Bogazici University
Dept. of Molecular Biology and Genetics
Istanbul, Turkey

Phone (w): +90 212 263 15 40 / ext.1877
Fax: +90 212 265 97 78

A diving instructor, an underwater photographer, a lucky guy who has been diving since he was 7. I'm actually a research assistant working in neurogenetics and doing PhD on the molecular genetics of Alzheimer's Disease. But I'm also interested in every kind of life form found in the Mediterranean Sea, especially the molluscs. I'm one of the founders of the Istanbul Malacological Society. We have a large collection of sea shells collected from all over Turkish coasts and trying to establish a reference collection for the Turkish malacofauna.

Yuh-Wen Chiu

Faculty of Biomedical Science and Environmental Biology Kaohsiung Medical University,
(807)100 Shi-Chuan 1st Road, San Ming District, Kaohsiung City.Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Phone (w): 886-7-312-1101 ext 2694
Fax: 886-7-312-2062

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Richard L Zade

Phone (h): 253-846-6808
Phone (w): 253-846-6808
Phone (m): 253-846-6808

Avid cold water diver, underwater photographer locality Puget Sound Washington, USA

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Teresa (Zubi) Zuberbühler

Zürich, Switzerland


I have been diving since 1994, mostly in South East Asia. On my first dive I already saw a blue pyjama nudibranch (probably Chromodoris annae ) and I was hooked. Since then I have been accused of only looking at the small critters and not seeing the large fish (mantas, eagle rays and sharks)!

On my website I have a large collection of nudibranch photos as well as slugs and sea shells -take a look!

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Francois Zylberman

8 rue des Francs Bourgeois 75003 Paris

Phone (w): +33139304670
Phone (m): +33609915424
Fax: +33139304679

Graduate of cinematographic realization from the Academy of the French Cinema in Paris and highly skilled diver, I am passionate about biology of both the terrestrial and underwater world.
Combining my passions, I became underwater photographer in 1990.

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