Julia sp. 1

Superfamily: OXYNOOIDEA
Family: Juliidae


Reported here from Hawaii, Midway Atoll, Raratonga and Magaia (Cook Islands), Indonesia.


Live animal from algae wash at Five Graves, Maui, Hawaiian Ids, July 31, 2001. Depth range: 1.5 - 6 m. Shell 1.6 mm in length. From sand sample, beach drift at Maalaea Bay, Maui, 1986-7. Photos: Cory Pittman

The shell is marked only with broad, radiating bands of lighter and darker green. In live animals, the body is green with scattered white flecks. In contrast to the other three Hawaiian species of Julia, the posterior margin of the shell is broadly rounded. The hinge is moderately large with a central knob that is arcuate and lacks a prominent terminal depression. There are a series of fine, ratchet-like ridges on its inner surface. [See separate messages for details of Hawaiian records and the shell]

Authorship details
Pittman, C., 2001 (October 12) Julia sp. 1 [In] Sea Slug Forum. Australian Museum, Sydney. Available from http://www.seaslugforum.net/factsheet/julisp1

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