Family: Rhodopidae




Rhodope veranii. Near Rovinj ?(introduced into aquarium). Croatia. Adriatic Sea. Length: 6 mm. [Probably in 1985] between green algae, probably shallow subtidal. Photographer: Maria Mizzarro-Wimmer (Univ. Vienna)

The family Rhodopidae are one of the few molluscan groups for which we have no clear idea of their phylogenetic relationships. In fact until the 1960s there was still much debate as to whether they were gastropod molluscs or turbellarian flatworms (Riedel, 1959, 1960). At present they are considered to be either doridoidean nudibranchs or early opisthobranchs.

They are small worm-like animals which lack any well-defined external stuctures, such as a head, foot or tentacles, or internal organs, such as a radula or jaws, or a heart. There are spicules in the skin and a ventral pedal gland on the posterior tip of the foot. The 'head' and posterior end of the body can retract slightly into the middle part of the body. They can grow to about 10 mm in length but are seldom more than 5 mm, and live interstitially in soft sediment or on plant life.  Most work has been done on the Mediterranean species, Rhodope veranii, but other species have been reported from other parts of the world, including Guam, southern Australia, Ceylon, Brazil and the northeast Atlantic.

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